Resume and Cover Letter domains Scoring Clicks

Ever since I purchased my first resume domain,, I have been actively searching for resume, cover letter and curriculum vitae domains. More than often, web users are utilizing the popular searches and reading articles on such sites.

Resume, cover letter and curriculum vitae domains such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and others have performed well.

Why Park has an effective Web Directory app that can transform your domain into a business listing machine. I’m in the early building stages, but I
will write more articles every time a new listing is added to, or any of the other sites that feature the
Web Directory app.

Why Park’s customer support is extremely professional. I appreciate when they reply back to address any
concerns I may have in performing better on their platform. In the
past week, the ad revenue has gone downward, but it is expected
during these moments. The holiday season is usually the worst
performing time in the year. For the most part, revenue drops off
on Christmas, and last well into the first week after New Year’s.

On January 4-5, my revenue has increased. The first three days were
far less than impressive. I only made .70, but January 4-5, the
revenue increased to a collective $3.30. In the first 5 days of the
month, I made $4.00. Resume, hotels, jobs, products, and service
domains are the top performers. and are scoring traffic, as well as exact
searches for their respective market. has
potential to become a quality website. There is no shortage in
information. The site has videos, articles, links, sponsors, and a
web directory. I also own and

Resume and cover letter domains are
a good investment. No cover letter domains have generated any high
profile sales. Resume companies will soon realize the value in
owning quality cover letter domains. Web users searching or the
exact terms will be directed to a company who provides such

I tried to convince a resume company that owning would help her to find more executive
customers. Of course, she never listened, and was too cheap to invest $300 in the domain. She already spends $8000 a year on
advertising costs. Why not reduce advertising cost to capture
additional outlets?

Resume companies that want traffic have to invest money into acquiring the right domains, and hire a SEO company to build links and write articles. However, SEO companies
will prevent freelance writers from capturing business. Domain owners and companies should look into up-to-date methods instead of depending on traditional advertising and SEO services.

Why Park is a quality domain platform. Many domains are landing on Google Page #1. They haven’t been assigned a ranking, but they are consistently showing up on the first few pages.

Resume and cover letter, and
curriculum vitae (Cv) domains are going to perform good this year. In addition to ad revenue, the domains will net you money in the aftermarket.

I recently sent a final offer on a cover letter domain. The owner hasn’t accepted the final offer, so I’m sure that
reducing the price another $100 may score a sale. But, I’m in no hurry to sell the domain. The final offer was reduce in half from the previous offer. I know that I’m being fair with the asking price, which has reduced to 33% of the starting price.

I plan to use to promote my resume and cover letter
domains. Thanks for reading.

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