Domaining Mojo has no incoming links

Word Press noted that I have no incoming links going into Domaining Mojo. Maybe I need to use as a link instead of I would write more on this blog if the publish link was available.

On Domaining Mojo, I like the simple template. I don’t flood this blog with advertisements. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I know the right people to find the answers. I share my personal experiences to demonstrate that I know how to buy and sell domains. My sales are nothing to brag about, though they show that purchasing the right domains will make you profit.

Whereas, many may believe that is a bad domain, there are many “i” domains that are making big sales. I can easily develop the domain into a major cover letter destination. I don’t plan to sell the domain. Any “i” related domains that are paired with a generic term or service are going to be valuable. sold for $6500. I believe the domain sold for $6500 based on the anticipation of Apple inewsstand. I plan to keep as a future investment.,, and all have branding potential. Resume companies will make offers because the generic versions are not available. “i” domains are an alternative to generic domains.

Domaining Mojo is a small time blog. Many new domainers will visit popular blogs to ask for advice. I doubt elite domain investors will take the time to answers questions that are below their level. I know for a fact that many domain blogs criticize domain newbies when they ask questions on how to buy and sell domains.

Domaining Mojo may never become an elite blog, but it is an honest blog that shares buying and selling information. is a good domain. While the domain only appraises for $95, there is a strong possibility it will sell for a greater amount. The domain’s keyword stats are good. I wrote a popular “how to” article on traffic fines.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming year. I never made a sale over $1,000. Maybe I have a few domains in my portfolio that will produce big sales. I recommend you all to change your sales settings to take offers. You may lose sales when you set a fixed price because there is no way for a buyer to offer less for the domain. I would never had sold a job domain without adjusting the sales settings to $700 along with a “make an offer” option. I managed to make $400 off a .us domain. is a small time log with no traffic. You can expect to find reliable information on the blog. Even though many claim you can’t make money off domains unless you develop them, Why Park enables you to grow your domains with domain apps. Good luck.

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2 Comments on “Domaining Mojo has no incoming links”

  1. chris Says:

    good article!
    Im in the same boat as you – I just write about recent projects, what I plan on doing on how to help others find domains. I too have not made a sale over $1k but i did do some in the hundreds which is not bad.
    Keep your head up – keep posting and traffic will build. We are in a market that has NOT been capped and there is room for everyone to grow.
    also – if you want I have no problem adding to you my blogroll if you do the same.
    My site doesnt get a ton of traffic but it is steadily increasing.
    I also like the plain and simple look of your blog – it works.

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