In my opinion, the Post Office is a slow system

I mailed a package from California,which was supposed to
reach Florida in 2-3 days. I understand it’s the holiday season.

However, I received a package from Florida that was mailed out at
the same time I mailed my package out in the opposite direction.

The post office will make excuses as to why they can’t deliver a
priority package in 3 days. There are no excuse when it comes to
their guarantees.

I once mailed a package out, only to receive the package back two weeks later destroyed. The post office never
compensated me with postage to resend the item. All they gave me
was a apology letter telling me sorry ,and that they would try to
deliver items on time, as well as in one piece.

I can’t stand the post office. They always make excuses. As a consumer, we can’t make excuses to make a payment. The post office is not a reliable system, but they’re most affordable option as compared to UPS and FEDEX.

Consumers don’t have many reliable options. I’m frustrated
that a priority package failed to reach a US destination in 3 days.
I wasted $12 to send a package priority, and now the Christmas presents won’t make it until Monday.

The post office is unreliable at the most important time of the year. The damaged mail with no postage
compensation, and the package that didn’t reach today are two
recent occurrences that demonstrate an unreliable mail delivery

The package sent from Florida to California reached in 3 days, but sending mail from California to Florida was an utter disaster. It processed 3 days later, 60 miles from the home

Then, the mail rerouted to a processing center 300 miles away. Either Oakland, California is slow to send mail out to
Florida, or Florida is unable to handle the holiday rush. In my opinion, USPS is a slow mail delivery system you can’t count on.

Mail out your packages a week ahead. Don’t trust unreliable mail delivery services that are slow. If bills don’t arrive on time, you’ll get a late fee.

The post office doesn’t care about mail
delays. I’m disappointed in USPS. Thanks for ruining my Christmas.

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