Two rare leads in a span of 24 hours

Yesterday, I called a local online newspaper to ask for the phone number to the new Social Security office. My mother wants to reduce her work hours, and plans to apply for social security benefits. Somehow, I never expected to find a lead to purchase my domains. In addition, I received an e-mail this morning notifying me that another person made me an offer on one of my cover letter domains. These two occurrences are rare sales leads.

When I talked to the newspaper writer regarding the SSA phone number, I remembered sending this exact person an e-mail a few months ago to offer the city a few city domains I wanted to sell. It never crossed my mind to offer any of my domains to the person because my primary focused was to find the phone number to the new Social Security office.

I invested heavily in my hometown city. I purchase several .com to cover mostly all business operations in that particular area. After the individual gave me the information, I immediately traced my steps back to the voice mail I left him a few months prior. I told him I own several quality domains that target the city.

He asked me how much I wanted for the domains. I told him that I would prepare a list along with the appraisal value for each of the domains. He didn’t know what to offer me for the domains, so I wanted to make the process go much smoother with supplying the appraisal values and information.

Since I’m going to be doing business with the city, there is a strong chance I will be able to close a deal. The domains in questions are everything the city needs to target major niches, as well as to increase awareness in the city. I know that if I hold onto the domains, I can make money with monetizing them. However, I’m more interested in domain flipping right now.

The only domains I don’t plan to sell are,,,,,,,,, and probably another 30-40 domains. I don’t mind working out a deal to sell the city domains because I know they can easily build them into quality websites.

You never know when you’ll find a prospect. The moment a potential buyer asks you what you want for your domains, you have to be ready to facilitate the deal. It’s a prime opportunity for you to make a sale. Most cities have the resources to acquire domains that will represent their community. I will definitely write an article on whether I sell these domains to the city.

As for the second rare occurrence, I received an e-mail regarding a cover letter .com domain I have up for sake at Sedo. The offer was decent for any other cover letter domains I own, though, I countered with what I think the domain is worth right about now. If I don’t end up selling the domain, I’m confident the domain will sell in the next year. It’s one of those domains I know will be worth several times more than the amount of my counter offer.

Why do I think this domain is valuable? My recent web directory listing is one indicator to the domain’s worth, as well as the popularity of cover letter searches in the past month. I noticed the massive searches for cover letter samples and examples. Owning specific cover letter and resume domains will make you nice revenue – whether you to choose to sell or to monetize such domains.

Even though I don’t have much money to consider my current situation good, I can wait to sell the cover letter domain. My counter offer is fair enough. I may lose the sale with the counter offer, but I know I can wait longer to get what I think the domain is worth.

Cover letter domains are going to be valuable. I plan to add a few cover letter domains on Go Daddy’s premium listing. So when an end-user is searching for a nice .com, they will come across my domain. I don’t regret purchasing cover letter domains because I know there is interest for them. Adding my first web directory this past Monday demonstrates that one quality .com can expand your business.

The two occurrences are events which are rare for me. I never made a sale calling a prospect. Furthermore, the Sedo offer is only my third offer this year. I usually sell domains through contacting buyers through e-mail. I enjoy finding unexpected buyers.

The next time you make a cold call, program your mind to think of the situation as something other than selling a domain. You’ll be surprised how easy it will be to communicate with the buyer.

If you call the right person, you will find a lead. Maybe you can ask to speak to a person concerning a question you have with a particular article, or with their website. Your goal is to contact the webmaster, or maybe the marketing/sales department. Build value in reducing their advertising costs, and to provide them with additional outlets to brand their main website.

In this upcoming year, focus on developing your sales technique. It’s easy to purchase domains, but you have to be confident to make sales. You must be persistent to sell domains. Treat rejection as experience to improve the next cold call or email. Use all the platforms to advertise your domains, and never adopt a passive selling stance.

Many make the mistake to put their domains on a domain platform, only to wait until the following year to drop their domains because they assume there is no interest for them. There is always a buyer for every decent domain.

If you own exact job domains, you will be able to sell them. If you own GEO hotel domains in the .com and .net area, you will be able to sell the domains. Any quality .com and .net cover letter and resume domain with more than 1,000 local monthly searches will probably sell.

This upcoming year, be prepared to find prospects to purchase your domains. You never know when you will make a sale. Finding a buyer can be accidental, or as easy as receiving an e-mail.

On the contrary, selling can be frustrating and dejecting. Never allow domains to stress you out, or to make you feel less about yourself. I almost gave up this past Summer, but then I found a few good leads to motivate me.

There are going to be many posters on domain blogs that will try to make you feel less. People you know will criticize your domains and decisions. Just know there is a huge market for domains.

The Internet is the wave of the future. We haven’t fully seen the potential of the web. Businesses are realizing they must secure quality domains to generate traffic. I could have easily accepted the offer I received today on the cover letter domain, but I know that I would pay 4 times the amount to purchase the domain if it was offered to me.

When you receive an offer for a particular domain, that is the moment you know there is interest for your domain. Youre rewarded for investing time into finding good domains. Good luck!

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