Recent Hand Registrations

Over the past several months, I purchased many job, resume, cover letter, education, taxi, service, and hotel domain names. Every time I find another niche, I shift my focus to a new category.

A few days ago, I purchased 3 domains. I feel that I have enough resume and cover letter domains. I’m looking more into newsletter domains to pad my marketing and business portfolio.

I hand registered the following domains:

I may have already wrote about these 3 domains. These domains will be in demand. The sample domain has over 3,500 local monthly searches. is definitely a quality domain with widespread appeal. The $6+ CPC and the 1,200+ local monthly searches are good stats. People do search for what type of newletter formats there are in each field. is a quality domain that will increase in value. The singular version was already registered by another newsletter writer. inspired me to search for more newsletter domains. I know there is a market in the business sector for such domains. Never stick to only one category. Spread out your investment to diversify your domain portfolio. Good luck.

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2 Comments on “Recent Hand Registrations”

  1. jazzman8 Says:

    Jason, is easily the best of those three. Are there companies or people out there that will write a newsletter for a fee? Maybe you set up a directory site with those companies paying to be listed.

  2. Suisun Blog Says:


    Good to hear from you. There are a few companies that provide newsletter writing services. I think it may work as a web directory. The singular version was already developed, so maybe adding some newsletter examples and samples will help to build traffic.

    As companies begin to hire more employees, I think they will consult a newsletter writing company to improve communication in the workplace.

    I know of a few companies listed in Google that write and format newsletters for companies for a fee. It looks to be a lucrative market that is still in its infancy stage. Maybe freelancers would be a good audience to target for the web directory.

    I went after that newsletter domain right away. I’m confident the domain will increase in value once I find a few newsletter writers and companies to get listed.

    The key is to increase popular searches to build value into the keywords. You should also experiment with building a web directory. Contact companies to list. Target their advertising costs as a reason to list. New companies have a better conversion rate.

    Mention to them the amount is very little, and is a good investment to brand their company. Once you land a few good clients, others will follow. Build a newsletter to inform companies of your listing option and to share news.

    Thanks again for the post. I thought nobody was reading. Traffic is very low. It’s like writing in an empty space, though I know you read the articles. I haven’t purchased many domains because I’m looking to sell more. Visitors seem to be more interested in selling and making money than in how to acquire names.

    I will be sure to write an article on the There are a few domains I want to acquire in the aftermarket. I’ll wait until I make a few sales to make an offer on them. Thsnks again for the feedback.


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