Domain Blogs Filled with Advertising Sponsors and controlled information

I noticed that many domain blogs have sponsor ads plastered on the front homepage. Every blog owner deserves an opportunity to generate revenue. However, I know I’m taking a risk with placing ad sponsors on a separate page to keep focus on the articles.

There are a few sponsors in the Domaining Resources section on the right side. These are reliable sponsors with great platforms. Estibot is instrumental to my success. I located many good domains, as well as contacted many people using the Whois contact on Estibot. I sold 3 domains on Sedo’s platform. Two domains were sold because I advertised the Sedo sales link. One other sale was in result of an offer made on a domain.

I host all my domains on Why Park. On average, I make between $25-$36 per month with ad clicks off the domain parking platform. I never built any links, or done any work to promote my domains beside this blog, Twitter, and Facebook. On an important note, advertising domains will help you to increase exposure.

Far too many domains sit around collecting dust on domain platforms. High profile auctions enable domain owners to sell their domains. What if your domains are not accepted into a Sedo auction? More than likely, you will have a tough time finding a buyer without putting inn the work to draw attention to your domain portfolio. Buyers usually request high revenue domains at a small cost. I don’t believe on should sell a domain that makes consistent money.

Back to the main theme, domain blogs are filled with advertising sponsors. They generate heavy traffic, giving them a greater chance to make revenue through sponsor sales and advertising agreements. I haven’t made any money with sponsor banners.

I decided to place them on a separate page so that readers are not boggled down with many flashing banners slowing down their computers. Some don’t have to worry about performance because they have fast processors to withstand flash graphics. Do we really trust the information on these blogs? There are great domain blogs out there, but the owners change as time moves on. The more questions one asks, the more rude responses they receive in return.

I understand that domain blog owners want to build an audience, and to maintain the fans they already have. Nevertheless, the sponsor ads are a distraction on the homepage. I will never make a fraction of the money these blog owners generate, but I know that providing information to new domainer investors and existing ones will prevent mistakes.

New domain investors are targets. They have money to their disposal to make veteran domain investors and domain companies rich. End-users seem to be too cheap to invest a few hundred into a domain that will reduce their future advertising costs.

An end-user can purchase a .com domain that is relevant to their business. This can be a name that is a common type-in. Two leads can pay off the cost of the domain, and any future leads are a bonus. One resume company owner never considered the benefits of reducing her advertising costs, and seemed to make excuses even to spend $20 on a web listing. Maybe she never took me serious, or she is too traditional to consider saving money.

Domain blogs are filled with advertising sponsors to monetize their blogs. There is no way they can afford to run their blogs without featuring sponsors on their homepage. Posters enable blog owners to generate traffic because they communicate between one another. New domain investors will always visit top blogs to ask questions. Blog owners and posters will make in fun of new domain investors.

What I see is a problem is when a new domain investors present a few of their domains up for sale. Everyone on the board will tell them their domains are worthless. Blog owners are helpful at first, bu then they change their attitude when the questions pile up. I was once ridiculed for asking questions. The blog owner told me that this is not kindergarten, and I should go elsewhere to ask questions. So now this owner opens a new site that has the ‘question’ theme in it. Many blog owners don’t remember their comments.

In my opinion, domains blogs are filled with advertising sponsors to make revenue. There are many blogs that are very successful, and they owe that to their visitors. When questions request secrets to buying domain names, selling domains, and monetizing domains, the information seems to be controlled. Domain blogs only share enough information to keep fans returning back to their site.

Despite answers, new domain investors still continue to purchase bad domains. What do I mean by bad domains? Any domain that has no average keyword results, or are names that have a very small market with no relevant demand have little value. I can’t remember the exact domain names, but you will see random posters leaving comments on the domain names they plan to sell.

Blog owners will convey to the domain investor that their domains are worthless. There is another domain blog where posters ridiculed me because I mentioned that domain keyword stats and performance are important to determine a domain’s value. They assumed that I never made a sale, and that I probably visit blogs to write nonsense. They based a domain’s worth on organic searches. I own many domains are commonly searched. I monitor a few websites to determine how people find my sites. I know enough about domains to make a sale.

Of course, these posters disrespect domain investors requiring reliable information. I don’t need these blogs to help me become successful. I have enough experience to do well. If I need to ask questions, I know a few good sources to find the answers. Many posters have no clue to who they are criticizing. They deliberately ridicule people based on their misaligned perceptions.

I never purchased domains because of others. I knew job domains were profitable. I have enough education experience to know that education and resume domains are good investments. When the time is right, I will make many more sales. In the meantime, I will provide information to help other domain investors succeed. I can do it without making any money from my blog. If domain investors decide to use domaining resources, I can continue to provide additional information. If not, I still will invest time into Domaining Mojo a quality domaining destination.

Domain blogs depend on visitors to make revenue. The owners complain when visitors begin to ask too many questions. Sponsor ads are plastered across domain blogs like the Las Vegas strip. Blog owners share information, but will control the information to entice visitors to come back again.

Domaining Mojo shares my personal experiences. I share my results. The sponsors located in the Domaining Resources age are ones that I use. I believe that any blog trying to promote another domain company or service is credible when they have experience with them. I use Sedo, Estibot, Why Park, and Coupon Cactus. I would appreciate your support to utilize the links if you decide to use the websites. I can continue researching the domain industry, as well as experimenting alternatives to helping you become successful.

The next time you use a domain blog, you will realize sponsor banners plastered across the homepage. Furthermore, blog owners tend to write about domains they want to sell, or mention ones that failed to sell. All these are techniques to strategies to build traffic and to sell domains. I can’t determine whether these domain owners care about you, but I can suggest that this blog will help you to learn more about the domain industry, becoming more successful at buying, selling, parking, and monetizing your domains.

Only thing, I can’t help you too much on developing domains because I depend on Why Park to build domains. Domain blogs with many sponsors seem to be promoting domain services they may have never used. Maybe they have, and maybe they haven’t. Good luck on domaining.

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