Domain selling, platform, purchase to turnover time, and domain parking

A recent poster requested that I write an article detailing what profit to expect when selling domain names, what platform a domain is sold on, how long a domain name is held, and how much money is made from parking domains. My results are not as good as the elite domain investors, but I managed to do well with only purchasing hand registrations.

What profit should a domain investor expect with domains? It really depends on the domain name. I usually sell job domains, taxi domains, and movie domains. I see a market in education, resume, service, and job domains. The profit you can expect is between 10-100 times the cost of registration. I make around an average of 18-20 times the cost of registration. On one .info domain, I made 320 times the cost of registration.

When I made my few sales, I sold my domains in Sedo. Since then, I prefer completing transactions through private deals. One can use Pay Pal, and then push domains to an approved account. I never sold a domain on eBay. I had success selling two domains on Bargain Domains. But, with nearly 120 domains on the platform now, there is no sales activity. However, Bargain Domains is a good domain platform to make sales on. Sedo enabled me to make a few sales. I believe Sedo is the best platform to sell domains because any buyer can make an offer on your domains. Sedo has a good reputation as one of the premium domain marketplaces in the domain world.

How long do I hold onto domain names for before selling them? I hold domains for as long as it takes to sell them. I’m always looking for a buyer. On the contrary, I keep various domains to retain as an investment. I make the determination based on hosting stats.

What do I think is the best method to sell domains? I recommend domain investors to develop domains to make revenue. They can work with affiliate programs on, or with other affiliate programs to push leads to make revenue. Why Park offers a good domain platform for those who don’t have much time to build their domains.

Domain apps are a great way to earn revenue. You can also use the web directory to make money per listing. The search engines tend to favor Why Park sites because content constant rotates on the site. I don’t so well with adsense on my blogs, so Why Park has been consistent with making me a decent amount of revenue. I’m confident the web directory will help me to make good revenue in the next year.

Since this is my first year selling domains, I only plan retain domains for 1 year. Beside the domains I plan to keep, I will actively shop around other domains. Jobs domains have quick turnover times – between 1-5 months. Taxi domains can be sold in about 2-5 months. Sometimes turnover is even quicker if you find an interested buyer right away. You can find buyers when you have domains they need.

You can expect to retain domains between 10 days and 7 months. That’s if you’re actively looking for buyers, and not waiting for a buyer to find your domain on a domain platform, or as a parked page.

How much can one expect to make when selling domain names? You can sell domains for 8-30 times the cost of registration. If you find dropped gems, you can make much more money. I’ve seen some make 200 times or more on new registrations. End-users will purchase domains for outrageous amounts, and reject premium domains at a bargain price. From experience, I usually sell .com and .us domains.

How much can one make on a domain parking platform? I make $25-$35 per month hosting 780 domains on Why Park. When I parked my domains on Sedo, I only made $6 per month. Go Daddy’s domain parking offers a good revenue percentage, but they have too many restrictions. In my opinion, both parking platforms are not as good for promoting your domains. You will get canceled if you push traffic to the domains.

The best domain parking platform is Why Park. You can build repeat traffic through installing shopping, web directory, and hotel apps on your sites. Furthermore, you can place a for sales link on your domains. If you put in the work, you can make much more than I do. It really depends on your domain names: the number of links, popularity, target market, and Google Page Rank. You can make money with new domains that generate traffic due to their niche market.

I will write more articles on alternatives to give you an opportunity to make sales, and to make money while waiting to sell your domains. Thanks for the idea on writing the post. Good luck.

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