Got my first web directory listing for

I received my first web listing from one of the most recognized Resume Service companies in the United States. The owner signed up for a web directory under Resume Service on directory.

The resume service company also provides resume service discounts for students who graduated college, and are now looking for a job. I was persistent on contacting the owner. Professionalism and respect go a long way in the business world.

When you use the web directory app on Why Park, don’t wait for a company to add a listing. You need to go out and contact companies to list on your website. If you contacted the person before to sell a domain, tell them you own a website and recently set up a website directory to give companies the option to get listed.

The monthly listing revenue will cover the cost of registration for the domain in the first month. I’m going to have my friend design a logo for In addition, I will find cover letter and resume samples and examples to put up on the website.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Why Park. There are many ways to make revenue with your domains there. Check out the Resume company that got listed under the Resume Service section.

I assure you this resume listing is an elite resume company with a strong web presence. I urge you all to be proactive with your domains. Lease your domains to companies, set up web directories, and use affiliate programs to make revenue. Thanks for reading.


Try WhyPark today to make revenue. Click on WhyPark above. Good luck!

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