Revenue Ideas for Domains

Most domain investors want to know how to find a buyer. They know that success will not follow if they fail to make a sale. Instead of striking out with cold calls and sending hundreds of e-mails to end-users who have no clue about the value of a domain, you can lease your domains to demonstrate its worth to a company.

I recommend you to find a domain name that is catchy, and one that conveys your brand. For example. I recently hand registered 9 domains last night. It was the first time in nearly a month that I made a purchase.

One particular domain in the bunch has potential to make me money. is not worth a cent, but I can write content on resumes and cover letters. I can develop a resume newsletter to inform resume companies about my “get listed” web directories, as well as set aside a section to feature resume and cover letter domains for sale.

I can show data to support the value in owning the keyword domains. You need to show a company the reason they need the domain. These companies are usually locked into a traditional advertising system. They are reluctant to take a chance, and that is their downfall.

How many resume companies have a good plan, but a flawed advertising system? There are many companies that start a resume company, only to close shop the next year because they lose money and they don’t see the revenue.

Leasing domain names to companies is a good idea. You can definitely make 50 times the cost of registration, and still own the name once the lease ends. If the company wants to buy the domain after the lease, you can work out a deal based on the performance and the amount already paid in the past year. Essentially, you will have a steady revenue flow to invest into various ideas. is a domain I have been wanting to purchase for the past month. I made up my mind to purchase the domain because I have a really good business idea to actually turn the domain into website to provide information, and to devise an email newsletter to send out resume companies and job seekers across the US.

In the resume newsletter, I will offer leasing options, have a sales section, and write various articles on resumes and cover letters. I can also promote a few resume companies on a per lead basis, and charge companies a competitive fee to be added on the newsletter. Job seekers searching for that exact service can find resume company listing that fits their criteria – price, quality, results, niche resume writers, and more.

Many companies that advertise are essentially paying advertising on every customer that is referred to them due to the advertising. Take for instance; your company pays $9000 for advertising costs per year. The advertising plans refers 90 leads to your company. In essence, your company will be paying $100 per lead. What if you can make a deal with the company to push leads to them for 50% of the cost? They can take a chance on your lead generator to reduce their advertising costs in half.

Instead of paying $9000 per year to get 90 leads, now they’re paying $4500 to get 45 leads, and paying you $25-$50 to push leads to them. You can empower your domains, as well as write blogs on their company. The company will only pay you if you send them the leads.

Resume companies don’t have anything to lose because their business relies mainly on referrals. They advertise to build additional online business, which is a good revenue stream for them. Many resume companies are too quick to judge, which is why I don’t like wasting my time calling them.

Resume owners and employees assume what you’re going to say or what you need, instead of being professional and courteous. When people reject me, I always show respect through thanking them for their time. It seems that these resume companies need a lesson on leadership and custom service. I can change that with developing a Resume Newsletter. Once the newsletter become popular, I can find a few good resume writers to provide content.

You have a few options to make money while searching for a buyer – leasing, web directory, and implementing a lead generator. I prefer to spread my domains out to make money in several areas. That means I will look into leasing domains, setting up web directories, and implementing a lead generator to capture leads to earn commission.

Using one domain per company is better than having 10 resume companies on the same page. It is alright to use a web directory option because every listing has control over their content. However, a lead generator is better done with one company per domain.

I determined that many end-users are too cheap to even make a deal with domain investors. I read the DN Journal every week, noticing that many unappealing domains are making the sales list. Of course, the generic one work or 1-3 character domains are worth a fortune, but there are many domains that don’t belong on the list. In my opinion, there are a handful of domains that seem to be manipulated sales to gain attention.

If end-users are buying domains by the bunch, then there is no reason they will question the reason for purchasing a keyword domain. Trust me, I have called and emailed hundreds of end-users. I got a hold of one owner that purchased two elite resume domains. I sent him a few e-mails, and he returned a message telling me what his company was looking to acquire.

When I submitted a second list, he never responded to my message. Since then, I acquired a few domains that are actual services the company provides. I contacted the owner again, but he never returned my message. Whenever an end-user doesn’t see any domains they want, they will avoid your messages. The same goes with negotiating a deal – price and quality matter most.

Such encounters support the reason for building a rapport with an end-user. Take the time to send e-mails, establishing a business relationship to earn their respect. It is very hard to sell a domain to a company that knows nothing about you. You can present to a leading mortgage company, and they will find every which way possible to reject the domain.

One business owner told me he could buy any domain and get the same results than purchasing a 11 year old domain specific to his business. That’s like me saying I can buy and make it better than There is no way I can compete against, unless I plan to spend money on advertising and additional time with writing articles.

Eventually, I challenged the end-user’s thought process based on the generic domain. He mentioned age means nothing, which is wrong. I’m not going to get the same results with purchasing a new domain, as I will with a good generic domain from the 90’s. Most generic domains may not show up in the search engines because they are currently active domains that are usually parked. Many of them have many backlinks, a good Google Page rank, and generate high unique traffic.

Any domain investor looking to inject life in their domains can host them at Why Park. I generate 250-400 unique visitors per day with 770 domains. If I invest the time into writing more articles there, I can double or triple that traffic. Link building will probably score me double the traffic on top of the article writing and linking.

At a 2% click conversion rate weighed up against overall traffic, you can make good money hosting your domains at Why Park. Furthermore, adding an affordable web directory and setting up various domains to act as a lead generator will earn you some income. Some new domain investors, as well as elite domainer investor have an opportunity to grow their domains at Why Park.

Also, you can sign up for a account to place affiliate banners on the bottom page of your domains, and make use of the home page to add additional affiliate program banners to spread out your revenue.

Write articles on popular website with a high Alexa Traffic rank and a good Google Page Rank. Link the articles to your domain as source, making sure your domain is relevant to the article content. Sign up for an account at and submit articles through, and other popular websites. Write articles at for money, and as a link building option.

Find out who are the top 200 most popular websites in the world. Choose the websites that provide you with a forum to customize content, and to link up to your domains. I know this strategy works because I have been experimenting with it for most of this year.

It is also effective when you write content rich articles. Repeat visitors base their searches on credible sites with specific titles, tags, and content description. Browse the Internet to find out what the most popular keywords and phrases are on in current time. Write articles with titles relevant to the keywords. Choose tags that you think people will type-in at Google, or at many of the other search engines. They will find your site. All you need is to choose your title and tags carefully.

Today, one visitor found one of my domains because they wanted information on aesthetician resume. I own, which I linked up to various domains. When the web user performed a search, they selected my website based on seeing the aesthetician keyword on another domains. The resume and cover letter content posted on the site entice them to browse my website.

The two NOOK color articles I wrote turned a nonexistent site into one that now produces at least 4-10 visitors day. If I had more time to write, I would experiment with my loan, education, and product sites. Job sites are better to monetize as a job search engine than to park or host yourself. There is a lot of money to be made with job domains, especially when people are unemployed, and there are employers who want to find the right employees to fill vacancies.

I’m using QuickPress to type this message because the publish link is missing from the traditional article editor. I plan to share some actual images of how people are finding my domains. I will wait until I fix the publish button.

Don’t settle only for selling your domains. Lease your domains with contracts, set up a web directory, host your domains at Why Park to build traffic with their domain app system, and build lead generators to make money pushing business to companies. You have to think like a business person. If you own apartment domains, schedule an interview to work on a referral basis. They may pay you between $50-$250 per new resident.

All these companies spend money on advertising. They look to alternatives to generate business. If you find a lead, they make a quick sale. There are many ways you can use your domains to make revenue. Moreover, you can generate traffic without having to pay high advertising costs. It is worth your money to brand one of your sites to promote all your other domains.

I plan to brand,, and a few other domains. I will probably lease because many people are searching for those exact keywords in the search engines. I have many NYC resources on that site. What if I can make $50 per month with that site? It will help me to offset the cost of renewing my domains. This is the first time I have to determine which domains to renew, and which to let drop.

I already made most of the money invested. Letting 290 domains drop will not affect me. I would rather price them to sale than to lose out on not making a buck. 290 domains cost me over $2000. If I sell them at the cost of registration, I can make a profit due to making past sales.
I have 6 weeks to figure out what to do with 250 domains. I can write an article on why domains make a great Christmas present. I recommend being creative to make sales and to make revenue.

Purchase a domain that has the root word “newsletter.” I purchased Many newsletter-related domains are already taken, but you still can find them readily available. You have to be creative, and invest the time to search for these domain names. Build a stylish newsletter to provide information to those you think will be interested. Use that platform as a way to sell and lease your domains.

Check out the link below to sign up for Why Park. If you have any questions on how to use Why Park, I can answer them. I’ve used Why Park since mid April. I have much more control promoting my domains than when I had them parked at a company that had too many restrictions.

You can put a “this site if for sale” link on your domains. You can write articles, add links, build the home page, and incorporate content on the site. If you want Why Park to design a site for you, they can make it look professional. I think I’ve done a good job building all my sites. There are a few I still haven’t built, but my major sites are completed.

Why Park is still growing. They’re ranked 16,000 on Alexa. They have a few hundred sites that link in to their website. Once their website catches on, and goes mainstream (i.e. they will build major traffic for their account holders (us). Why Park is always looking to make partnership deals to acquire articles to rotate across their platform. Visitors like good content, which will generate good traffic.

My recent hand registrations are as follows:

Every domain has local searches above 1,000 times per month, except for and Those domains have good potential because I can invest time into building traffic. Thanks for reading. Good luck with using the revenue ideas.

Check out WhyPark

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