I prepared an article on Resume Campus for students searching for an education path. Online schools and traditional schools are similar in many ways, but they are also different in most ways. You have to know what obstacles and challenges to expect when attending the two formats.

Resume Campus is quickly becoming one of my most popular websites next to and I was able to build traffic on the site in the matter of a month through writing popular articles. I intended for Resume Campus to represent a student center for resumes, cover letters, and employment.

However, the website has such a cool name, I’m experimenting with various articles to drive traffic over to the site. It has worked rather well, because the site never produced any traffic until I took the initiative to write keyword rich articles. I plan to experiment with my other sites, as well. I own 780 domains, so I can’t write content on all the sites, though I can choose the ones that generate the most traffic.

The following websites have done good with traffic. They have made back the cost of registration in a matter of a few months. I think they are popular niches with potential.
and a few others.

If you own a domain with a cool name, write articles on popular fields to build traffic. People will find your articles, and then you can build a following. Good luck!

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3 Comments on “”

  1. jazzman8 Says:


    keep writing… reading it everyday.

    • Suisun Blog Says:

      Thanks Jazz. I’ve been communicating to another regarding the steps to lease domains. That may be another avenue to make money while searching for a buyer after the lease ends.

      I have to review the emails. I’m having a problem with the “update” button to publish articles after completing them.Thanks for keeping up with the articles.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      Check out too. I wrote a few articles on there. Thanks.

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