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Over the past year, I discovered various techniques to build website traffic. I can’t guarantee you that they will work, but they do have the ability to generate traffic to websites that are normally nonexistent in the search engines.

Have you ever heard of eHow? Demand Media owns eHow, Demand Studios, and several other content websites. changed their format from having writers prepare “how to” article for shared commission to now paying writers $15+ to write a 300-400 word article.

When you write these articles, use resources from your websites as resource links. For the most part, visitors will read your article, and may scroll down to visit the resource links. With Demand Media having access to million of visitors on a monthly basis, you will definitely increase your website’s traffic.

Go to Shvoong to write abstracts on books, magazines and on various prints. Link the abstracts to sites that are related to the abstract. Another similar website to link up to is Write keyword rich articles on the website to push traffic to websites you want to promote. In addition, Helium is another popular article writing site that produces heavy traffic.

Visit to create an account there. Create various lenses to promote your websites. The website enables you to capture traffic through indexing your lens in categories which apply to the niche. If you set up a lens for taxi schools, the keywords will show up in the search engines. However, is already near the top of Google Page #1. I dont mind capturing additional categories that are related to the taxi business.

Between Squidoo, Ehow, Triond, Helium, and Schvoong, you can promote your websites with the resource links. In addition, you can leave quality comments on various websites. Most blogs provide you with the option to link up to the site.

Use popular title names and tags to get indexed in the search engine. This technique has worked well for me. I can write an article today, and a web user will likely find it in a few days. I noticed that any content related to Christmas ideas and loans are most popular .

I’m definitely going to spend time writing on my education, resume, cover letter, loan, product, and service sites. Web-users input keywords in the search engine, which may pull up your site on Google Page #1 or #2. If you can find out what are the most popular phrases in your domain’s niche, you can use those keywords in your title, as tags, and in the body of your article. Good luck on building traffic.

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