Tried to sell another premium domain again today

I called several dozen companies to offer a service domain worth 6 figures. I can honestly say it is much harder to push quality generic domains than to sell least expensive domains. I tried many techniques to entice end-users to purchase the domain.  

After investing an entire day trying to find a lead for the day, I determined that calls are 100% ineffective. There is zero chance to sell a domain through cold calls. I knew beforehand that businesses treat cold calls the same way we do spam mail. I don’t mind the rejection, even though businesses never respond, or they outright reject generic domains based on their prices.

Never complain about your least expensive domains because they have a better chance to sell than high quality domains. It’s not that premium domains are less appealing. Companies are unwilling to invest a significant amount of funds into a domain they think will not help them build their company. 

Sending e-mails and making personal contacts are the best ways to make a sale. Always keep in contact with past buyers and friends to expand your social circle. Make sure you send them a note from time to time. You never know when one message may be an opportunity to sell your domains. 

Good luck

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2 Comments on “Tried to sell another premium domain again today”

  1. chris Says:

    do you have any tips on how to find end users? Personally, I have tried to go onto blogs to find potential buyers but it has not worked out. I really like your niche idea! it is a good one that has tons of potential.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      You can find end-users through Estibot’s lead generator. In addition, you can do an organic search with placing parenthesis around the keywords. Contact the companies bidding on the keywords, and the sites that advertise using the keywords in their meta tags, as site tags, and also companies that advertise such products and services. You can look in the Yellow Pages too.

      If you’re looking to sell job domains, contact companies that already own job domains. They’re always looking to pad their portfolio. New York City is another good market. Advertise on Craig’s List in NYC. Spread out your domains across the country, as well as maybe looking to contact UK companies and other markets outside of the US.

      Target businesses that are struggling with traffic. Use to check their traffic, and to determine which keywords push traffic to their website. will provide you with the website’s site tags. These metrics are good bargaining tools to convince a buyer. Also, look into building a site that offers a website directory. Why Park has this option. You can charge companies a small monthly fee to get listed. The company can manage their 1 page listing.

      With domaining, the goal is to make money with your domains while also searching for a potential buyer. You have to do it in the least amount of time to avoid having to register the domain for another year,, well unless you know it is a good domain that will increase in value.

      You can offer other domainers a small percentage to find a lead, such as 10%. Put others to work to sell your domains. When you’re trying to sell a group of domains to an end-user you’ve never done business with in the past, you have to learn about their niche. It is best to evaluate their website, so when they attempt to reject a site on various objections, you can respond back with good information. Don’t complicate the sale with mentioning anything about branding. I ruined a potentially good sale based on providing too much information instead o replying back with a price.

      Know your prices. Estibot and Valuate are only tools to lead you in the right direction. Website Outlook and 7Zoom appraise a domain based on overall performance. You have to determine the value of the domain. Some sell a $50 domain for $2000, and then others sell a $2000 domain for $75. Selling domains is hard, but you can do it.

      The truth it selling is that you will be rejected many times. You have to be persistent, because there is always a buyer out there. It can be rewarding to make a sale, especially when that buyer will buy again, and may know others that have interest in that particular niche. Make many friends, leave comments on popular blogs, and buy domains that appear in Google’s suggestion results.

      I’ve had success with selling job domains, movie domains, and taxi domains. You may find that education or service domains produce better results. Sedo has a good platform. Many elite domainers put their domains up for sale on many platforms. It increases the chance that someone will find the domains. Selling is about finding the right person. Many domainers wait until another finds their domain’s sale page. When the registration is up for renewal, they will let the domain drop.

      Search for all new domains. Don’t assume a domain is gone. I found I’m confident the domain will produce a nice sale in a few years. For quick flips, look into .com job domains. They may be hard to locate, but they are out there. I located and I purchased, which is being hosted at Why Park. That domain made back the cost of revenue in one month. People type-in that exact name.

      Look into .info domains, as well. I flipped in 10 days for 300 times more than cost. Not much when compared to other elites, but I think it is a good sale. I advertised the domain on Craig’s List, in the San Francisco section. If you want to sell to domainers, contact the .com own to present a .net or a .info. It’s worth a try.

      For the most part, the best leads come from placing your domains for sale on Sedo, advertising the domains, staying in contact with past buyers, using Estibot’s lead generator tool ($39.99) monthly fee. I haven’t used the lead generator yet, but I heard it is an effective tool to locate end-users.

      If you know that your domains are in demand, and want to sell them, DN Journal and other high traffic platforms have competitive advertising options. Advertising is the key to make a sale. Many may want your domain, but they don’t know it is up for sale.

      I set up a Domaining Resources section on the top right side of the blog, as well as various categories which will lead you down the right path. Once you make a sale, visit to transfer a domain. I’m planning to expand to help domainers evaluate keyword and site performance.

      Find out who are the leaders in the niche. Then, contact these companies using the contact link on their page. Use all the search engines, as every search engine seems to feature different advertisers and websites.If you can’t find their contact info, go to to do a Whois lookup. Send a message to the email on file regarding your interest in selling your domains. If the site has a phone number, leave a voice mail to thank them for their time, as well as mention that you left them an e-mail.

      Good luck. Thanks for your comments.

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