Riding the storm

I’m trying as hard as I can to make it through the storm. I realize there are many people that are also experiencing tough times. I feel that my mind is always thinking about ways to make it out of a situation. Domaining is no easy task, especially when money is not readily available.

I plan to purchase a few more domains, and then cool it for awhile. Instead, I want to focus on building a few websites. I added a “Get Listed” app on TaxiSchools.com. I sent out a few e-mails to taxi schools, asking them to visit the website to get listed. I’m asking $20 per month, which the taxi school will have a log in option to customize a page.

Whenever any person visits taxischools.com, companies will have a front page link to provide information on their taxi school – website, phone number, what to expect, and much more. I have to pay Why Park 40% of the monthly earnings since they will take payments.

TaxiSchools.com is my first experiment with determining whether developing websites can be worthwhile. Taxi schools can save a lot of money on advertising because they can get listed on a website that is all about taxi schools and taxis. I may use YellowCabTaxis.com to promote taxischools.com.

I’m looking into building ResumeCompanies.com into a similar website. Furthermore, I believe resume companies may look to getting listed on coverletterwriters.com. Cover letter services are becoming more popular, and there is major emphasis on delivering quality cover letters.

I plan to focus on completing my last graduate class. I rarely have any comments, so I’m sure that my absence will go unnoticed. Good luck on domaining. I may write a few more articles on the weekend. Thanks for reading.

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2 Comments on “Riding the storm”

  1. jazzman Says:


    Taxischools.com looks good. Does Whypark add in all the content and the signup app? How often do they change content? Is it just the 40% or do you also have an up front fee to pay Whypark?


    • Suisun Blog Says:


      Thanks. TaxiSchools.com is one of those websites I’m confident about. When you build a new website, you have the option to add domain apps. Why Park rotates content on the sites, but you can also customize the site with links, articles, and homepage content. You have to add the website directory, write the pitch, and apply subcategories. I built the entire site using domain apps.

      A perfect example of custom content is on suisun.org. I prepared dozens of articles, added pictures and content on the homepage, and provided links on the bottom of the page. ResumeCampus.com is another example, as well. I built ProfessionalHairService.com, ProfessionalHairServices.com, ManicureServices.com, PedicureServices.com and PedicaureService.com with the domain apps.

      Why Park charges $5 per new signup plus a 15% fee. For example, a new member paying $20 will net you $12 because Why Park charges $5 + 15% ($3) = $8. You will make $12 per listing. Why Park takes the amount to handle all payments, as well as any refunds or other issues that may arise. Some members choose to charge less than $6, such as $5.

      I don’t think there is a $5 charge for any listing less than $6. However, the 15% fee applies. You have to determine a good price that will generate attention. E-Mail or mail out offers to notify companies regarding your listing option. All you need is a few good companies to open your revenue listing stream.

      There is no upfront free at Why Park. I assumed there was a $19 fee per site, and I held off on adding the app. The $19 was an example of what to charge as a monthly membership fee. I contacted custom support, which always returns replies quick. They replied back that the app is free, and that there is a $5 charge per new listing, as well as a 15% fee to handle administrative costs with accepting payments, and everything else.

      There are so many ways to make revenue on Why Park. You can add the compare shopping app, music app (put Jazz music on there for downloads), and more. Since my website developing skills are nonexistent, I make use of the domain apps, custom links and articles, and the homepage to build the domains into functional websites. If you don’t have the time to provide content, you can set the site setting to list Why Park articles, which will rotate to different articles with each page view.

      A good portion of my sites are showing up on Google Page #1. You can also add html codes to feature banners on the bottom of the sites. Check out examples on CouponCoyote.com, TicketNUB.com, Suisun.org, ResumeCampus.com, MobileMovies.info, domainnamemetrics.com, and CakeGalore.com.

      The revenue has gradually increased since Why Park introduced the domain apps at the end of September. If you choose the rights titles, and keyword tags, people will find your site. I wrote an article on Parent Christmas Ideas for their College Student Children. I tagged the article with two dozen keywords. ResumeCampus.com didn’t generate any traffic before the article, but now there are 4-5 visitors a day.

      You can sign up for the free membership to test Why Park. The minimum sites to upload is 5. If you pay the $25 per month fee, you have access to RSS feeds, can use custom templates, able to add a custom website logo, and can add additional pages.

      An example of the more enhanced page is the website ActingCoach.com. My goal is to build TaxiSchools.com into a website that looks just as good as ActingCoach.com. I will have my friend design a cool taxi logo. I plan to use YellowCabTaxis.com and YellowCabBlog.com to push traffic over to taxischools.com.

      Let me know if you need any steps to sign up for Why Park. Why Park also has link building, site submissions, and much more. As soon as they become more mainstream, I believe revenue will skyrocket. I have been using Why Park since mid April. Send me any questions you may have on the process. Keep me posted. Thanks. Good luck.

      Visit the Why Park below:
      Why Park

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