Resume business declines on 4 domains

A resume business I hoped would purchase 4 domains finally declined to purchase domains specific to their business. Instead, they would rather pay $8,000 per year to advertise their company.

Who knows whether her company is getting the most out of the advertising. These are the type of companies that just don’t get it. They will decline a cheap purchase that will save them thousands of dollars over the life of their business, but have no problem spending thousands on advertising costs.

When you are trying to sell domains, it doesn’t matter the quality of the domain. I contacted several companies to promote an extremely valuable domain that is a generic as they come – value is one half million. No company is jumping to purchase the name at even half that amount.

Companies are too cheap to save money. They want to go on with their traditional practices that do little to promote their company. As I mentioned in a past post, one business owner purchased an education name only to point it to their website, which has 300 education names forwarding traffic to the site. These domains are valued at a few million.

The website only generates 800 unique visitors per month. Sadly enough, the expensive domain barely receive any type-in traffic. I have no clue who will type-in the keywords. I’ll tell you now; companies don’t care how valuable a domain name is. They will reject investments to lose money in the long run.

I find the situation similar to tell someone not to do something because you know the outcome. Such people will still go out and make the same mistake.

The past few days, I presented domain names that are worth a fortune. These domains are as elite as any I’ve seen on DN Journal’s sales list. A trend I noticed in the past is to build a business relationship with companies through helping them in some way. Once they gain your trust, you can probably make a few sales.

Most companies treat emails and direct phone calls as soliciting. They make fast decisions without understanding the value of what they stand to gain in the process. I never give up trying until a company tells me that nothing will change their mind, or they ignore me.

You have to e persistent, even though selling is the most discouraging game in the domaining world. When I don’t get spam mail from Craig’s List advertisements, I know that the market is hurting. I received hundreds of emails when advertising domains back in March.

Now I can’t generate a response for a name owned by one of the most elite domain companies. I’m starting to think that marketing departments withhold emails to keep from limiting their role. They bid on keywords, but reject to make a decision to acquire the keyword category. I find many companies to think as generic as a keyword domain.

Maybe next year will be better. Companies are passing up on small purchases to spend thousands of dollars more on something that may not be working to brand their name, or to make them significant revenue. Sellers that produce big sales should be thankful for finding an interested buyer. Selling is almost as hard as winning the lottery.

Thanks for reading.

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