How to sell a domain

How to sell a domain? I’m confident that domain investors are more interested in selling than in buying domain names. Of course, there are many buyers that are always searching for the best deals. However, domaining is no fun if you can’t make a sale. The following steps will carve out a sales plan to attract interest to your domain.

Step 1: The first step is to determine which domain is worth investing the time into selling.

Step 2: Once you determine which domain to sell, place the keywords into Google. Put parenthesis around the keywords to generate an organic search.

Step 3: Make a list of companies that are featured in the sponsored section. These are the companies that bid on the exact keywords.

Step 4
: Make a list of websites that are on Google 1-3.

Step 5: Visit all the companies that have active websites. Go to their contact section. The website will either have a template to type a message or have an e-mail address. Find the marketing and sales department.

Step 6
: Prepare a sales pitch that introduces yourself. Mention that you own the specific domain name. Tell the company that owning the keyword domain will reduce their advertising cost.

Step 7: Note that you’re also offering the name to other competitors in the category. The goal is to put doubt in the company’s mind to whether their advertising costs are actually generating results. Many companies pay for advertising, but they assume it is actually working to their advantage. Focus on saving them money.

Step 8: Tell the company that if they’re interested in the domain to reply back as soon as possible. Thank them for their time.

Step 9: When the company responds back with a price request, set the price 25% higher than your projected goal.

Step 10: Be persistent until you reach an agreement or they decline the deal.

Step 11: Send out many emails to relevant companies. Use Estibot Whois to email domain owners who have similar domains. Offer the domain to them. Ask whether they will be interested in browsing your domain portfolio. You may have a domain they wanted in the past, but couldn’t get because another owned it. But, you grabbed it on the drop, and now they have an opportunity to purchase the name.

Step 12: Don’t call companies. They are usually rude to solicitors. Emailing a business is much more effective.

Step 13: Use the Yellow Pages to find relevant companies and businesses that lack a web presence. Build interest in the domain.

Step 14: Advertise your domains on Craig’s List and other free advertising websites. You never know who will come across the domain. Provide a link to the sales page. Don’t trust spammers that try to make faulty deals such as asking for information to present to their lawyer, and to transfer over domains without paying first.

Step 15: Be direct. Be professional. Don’t show your struggling or that you’re having difficulty generating interest on the domain.

Step 16: Be patient. Be confident. Send out many email requests. You have a greater chance in finding a buyer. Share less information with established Internet companies (deal with price only). Provide information to companies that are new to the Internet.

Things to avoid:

1. Don’t share too much information

2. Don’t tell the company what you paid for the domain

Most importantly – Good luck!

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