Disappointed in the Blog Spot and Adsense

I have 3 blogs running at the Blog Spot. Neither of these blogs make any money. Magic Writer hasn’t generated a click in over a year. I find it hard to believe that I don’t attract any visitors to that blog. With 480 blog posts, I only have 4 followers. I’m disappointed in the Blog Spot.

I started Domain Name Mojo a few weeks ago. In addition, I set up Coupon Stable. The two sites have no visitors. In my opinion, the Blog Spot and Google adsense are ineffective. I generate traffic and clicks on my Why Park domains. I’m starting to generate traffic to this blog on Word Press.

If I could figure out how to develop websites, I would be much more successful. After I graduate with my Master’s degree, I will set out to learn how to develop websites, as well as to increase my SEO skills. I believe these two areas will change my fortune.

I never mind sharing the inside tips to becoming a good domainer. I may lack the domains to be successful, but there is no reason why you can’t generate attention. When I first started this blog, I was reluctant to list my domain names because I knew they were less appealing than blog owners who have elite domain names.

I’m a small time domainer. One advantage I have is that I’m able to build business relationships, develop trust, and I can write on command. I don’t have a clue as to why the Blog Spot has been an utter disaster for me in the traffic department. I can’t produce a click on any of my blogs there.

Many people say to be patient. Magic Writer is 18 months old. I made a lousy $37 in clicks in the first few months. I haven’t produced a click since Oct 2009. When the blog produced an additional 37 clicks, the amount ($37) stayed the same.

I contacted Google several times to address the matter. It seems they will find ways to avoid personal contact. They tell adsense users to start a forum to have other users answer the questions. Do they lack a customer service presence because there are many adsense members?

On Why Park, I generate 200+ clicks a month. There is no reason why I can’t produce at least 5 clicks a month on Magic Writer. I write many diverse articles there. Domain Name Mojo is a new blog. It is also failing to generate any traffic or clicks.

Coupon Stable should find traffic, but I find it to be another casualty of the Blog Spot. I’m looking for some advice on how I can implement a better system, or if there is a bug in my adsense that is denying me clicks. I prefer WordPress as opposed to the Blog Spot. WordPress has a better RSS feed system that delivers better traffic results.

The three blogs in question are:


Would you keep these blogs around? Or would you remove the articles from them and close shop there? I can see if I can produce at least 1 click in a month, but there is no activity in monetizing the blogs.

I haven’t had any luck with finding leads to visit the advertisers I’m promoting on the blogs. In essence, the Blog Spot and adsense are ineffective in delivering results. Thanks for reading.

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