produced another 6 clicks produced another 6 clicks on Sunday. The domain manged to score 10 clicks in the past two days. “Resume Cover Letter Templates” are commonly searched keywords.

The average keyword results are 271,000, the monthly popular global searches are 1,958, and there are 725 local monthly searches.

I have only owned the domain for 30 days. I put up shopping apps, resume services listings, new movie releases, and video apps relevant to the domain name. On the shopping apps, I promote resume papers, tablets, MAC laptops, and resume writing software.

Why Park rotates articles on my sites. On the contrary, I do write articles on content that is more within my field of expertise such as college, sports, tickets, writing, and etc… One movie .info website generates consistent traffic from all over the world. I add links from that site to my other popular websites.

I’m confident that resume and cover letter domains will make a ROI. The main reason these sites are producing clicks is because I build them right away. My least popular sites are not fully constructed. This is in results of migrating my entire portfolio from Go Daddy to Why Park. I originally had 50-100 domains on Why Park, but then expanded my collection to 790 domains.

The NYC sites and many other sites are not targeting the keywords. I have to visit every site to choose the right keywords, add apps, and to build them out. I’m sure I lost revenue in the process. I made it a point to build every new site right away.

I noticed that Why Park’s new apps increased my traffic and click rate. There is more diversity with the compare shopping apps, business listings, videos, weather, and movie apps. The video titles I choose are what brings the traffic over to the website. In addition, choosing shopping titles such as “Compare and Save on ____” entice visitors.

I’m experimenting with different strategies to see what works best. I will likely take a website developing and SEO course this upcoming year. There is a lot of money to be made. I’m missing out on quality traffic. is becoming a more popular site.,,, and a few others are producing consistent clicks. My oldest resume domain, which is my first, is It has produced 3 clicks since September.

It takes time for new domains to grow. Resume companies that are lacking various keywords will come knocking soon. I’m also proactive in contacting companies. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading.

Check out Why Park to experiment with their domain development platform. If you own hundreds or even thousands of domain names, you probably lack the time to develop every site.

Traditional parking have restrictions is how you can promote your domains. Why Park is a good compliment to building quality sites with ease.

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