Seasonal Sales: The downside of selling in the Winter

I haven’t had any luck making a sale. I put in a lot of work calling and preparing emails to offer various domains to business owners. My last sale took place 6-7 weeks ago. However, I did have a few price requests, but I ruined those deals with writing long replies instead of responding back with a price. Only build value into a domain when an end-user requests information on the domain.

This past week, I almost closed a deal for a few resume domains, but the owner is a little reluctant to make a purchase since the year is winding down. Winter season sales are a tough act, especially when people are looking to spend their money on holiday presents. Essentially, they’re selective buyers because they have limited funds to their disposal.

How do you make a sale during the holiday season? I think that product and service related domains will attract interest. People are buying electronics, clothes, gear, tickets, airline tickets, and etc.. If you own any generic domain that are within the categories above, you may find a buyer.

Domain niches that may produce sales are education, resume and job domains. It’s definitely the right time to move some of your inventory to make room for new domains.

The next batch of domains I’m planning to sell are my NYC domains. I will follow up that effort with moving 60-75 of my education domains.,,,,,, and other education domains may spark some interest.

I attempted to sell,, and I’m hoping these domains help a resume company to generate major traffic. Selling is the toughest aspect of domaining. You have to be persistent, or a prospect will assume you’re trying to sell them unappealing domains.

I hope you have better luck than me with selling your domains. I find that selling is a situational process with many ups and downs. Happy holidays.

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