Use Why Park: The Best Domain Development platform for beginners

I’m sure most domain investors know about Why Park. And new domain investors are probably testing the domain development system to determine which domain parking platform serves them best. If you’re familiar with Why Park, then you know that you have to build every domain separately.

I have been buying more than selling. I may have a few sales in the works, but these deals are not finalized yet. As for now, I purchased many domains in many different markets. I never buy domains in auctions, or in the aftermarket.

However, I made an attempt to purchase a popular resume domain. The owner fired back a price 20 times my offer, and that pretty much ended the negotiation. All my domain names are hand registered.

Switching back to Why Park: Each time you upload a single or a bulk domain portfolio, you have to build the sites. When I migrated my entire domain portfolio over to Why Park, many of the domains were placed into different categories. Instead of targeting one field, the parsed keywords focused on another unrelated market.

I find that it is best to build every domain after purchasing them, because your success depends on a quality website. Waiting to build a domain may be the difference between a few visitors and a few thousand. You will find that building domains right away will save you time in the future, and will help you to build an audience and maybe help you to earn some revenue.

I’m no expert in developing domains. To honest, I lack the know-how to build a website. Why Park implemented a cool domain app feature that makes building websites an elementary process. I installed shopping, business listing, hotel, Twitter, movie, weather, You Tube, game, and music apps on my websites.

When you build your domains, focus on your target audience. Anytime you’re dealing with hotels, attach taxi and business listings. Engage the reader so you’ll make them want to visit your website whenever they need information and tips.

If you’re buying more than selling, you know that it is easy to acquire hundreds of new domains. I recommend that you build every site right after registering the domains. Your domains will be indexed a lot faster, and you will begin generating immediate traffic.

For the most part, your content will be relevant to the domain name. Build every site with attention to the target audience you intend to attract. GEO city domain names are the best for targeting all products and services within a city, but you can expect to pay a fortune to acquire them. On the contrary, GEO hotel names are just as good, and are worthwhile to develop.

To save you time, and to build quality website with basic skills, upload all your new domains on Why Park. When you own hundreds, or even thousands of domain names, it is impossible to write content on each and every one of the domains.

Of course, you will favor a few domains over another batch. Why Park provides you with the option to add your own content, as well as to use their article stream to maintain a quality website. I find Why Park’s article format to be consistent with the market. If you’re a skeptic, take a chance on Why Park.

You’ll never know how successful you can be until you take a risk.

Click on the WhyPark below to signup for a free account.

Why Park

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2 Comments on “Use Why Park: The Best Domain Development platform for beginners”

  1. chris Says:

    Have you tried smartnames? I just started parking domains there and am trying to find out which one is better. It seems that these are both similar – I guess it’s all trial and error with domain parking services. Good write – you gave me some good info to use as a comparison

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      I haven’t tried smartnames. I first began using Why Park at the end of April.
      I didn’t make much until they added the domain apps. It seems that Mondays are slow, but the rest of the week is busy.

      I would try both to see what platform works. I find it easy to use Why Park because the domain apps give me many options to add quality content. Ever since they implemented apps into their domain platform, I have been able to capture traffic and produce more clicks. I plan to do more to increase my click rate.

      Also, I’m able to promote my domains than using parking platforms that refrain from anything other than organic traffic. Some parking companies will cancel an account based on a domain’s popularity.

      I would experiment with the two parking services, comparing the traffic and revenue stats between the two. Keep me posted on your smartnames success. Thanks for your comment.


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