Focus on selling to smaller companies

For the past several months, I have been emailing and cold calling businesses. What I discovered is that high volume traffic websites usually have more than enough traffic than they can handle. Essentially, they don’t need to acquire any keyword domains, or maybe they’re being selective on their domain purchases.

When you go out there and attempt to sell your domains, focus more on smaller companies that need to improve their overall traffic instead of large companies that already have a web presence. Smaller companies depend on traffic to grow their business, so acquiring keyword rich domains will allow them to compete with their competitors.

I realized today that an Alexa 12,500 ranked website which provides job and resume services already has enough traffic. They don’t have any use for cv, resume, and cover letter domains.

One tip I can offer is to convince the company that purchasing the domain will decrease their advertising expenses. Why should a company pay for an ad when they can acquire a quality domain that will eventually move up them up in the search engine.

The next time you try to sell domains, look through the yellow pages, or find small companies that have little web presence. Paying a domain broker is much better than investing months into trying to sell domains. Think about advertising your domains up for sale on free advertising platforms across the web. Good luck.

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