The Motivation Behind

While attending the University of California, Santa Barbara as a Film
& Media undergraduate, I took many writing courses such as scriptwriting, new media writing, television writing, visual writing, and nonfiction creative writing courses.

A few years before attending UCSB, I earned an AA in Liberal Arts and
another in Film. In the film program, I took a writing for animation
course. Writing for animation is essentially the same as writing for video games. I found animation writing to be rather interesting, considering that the format is identical to most live action scripts.

In essence, my past college experience helped me to define what is currently popular in the writing industry. It enabled me to find a few good writing domains. In the past few months, I acquired the following writing domains:
and many others.

Use your experience to hand register domain names. Video game writing
is becoming an extremely popular field. I knew about the industry in
2004. The WGA introduced a Videogame Writing Award to honor writers
who’ve written exceptional video games.

As video games continue to generate worlwide interest, there will be
more demand for video game writing. I’m confident
has a great future. Many writing programs have added new media writing
on their curriculum.

Make it a goal to use past experiences to register new domain names.
Good luck.

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