Recent Domain Registrations

In the past week, I registered only 8 domains. I planned to wait until I made a sale, but I couldn’t pass up on the following domains. produces 2.1 millions average keyword results, and is searched for 1.6K times per months locally, and such domains have been generating clicks.,,,, and a few other resume service domains are making me a little revenue.

The clicks are not as high as ones I produce on insurance and loan domains. However, I can probably make back the cost of registration while I search for a potential buyer. I’ve done well with .info domains, especially since I bought so many for $1. I generated a $.91 click on, $1.21 clicks on, sold in February, made $8.90 on, and $4 on

There are many more .info domains in my domain portfolio. I don’t know how web users find .info online, but I seem to generate traffic to the more popular .info domains. It really depends on the .info domain name. sold for $18,000+, produced a $8,000 sale, and a few other .info domains fetched 5 figures.

If I could own any .info domains in the world, I would want to acquire,,,, and I believe these domains are quality .info that can make some good revenue.

For the past three months, I have been on a resume buying binge. I’m glad that I looked past the education domains to build my resume portfolio. However,,,,,,,,, and many other education domains have produced some decent traffic. appraises for $5,600 on Estibot and Valuate. Moreover, Sedo’s price suggestion for CollegeDegreefrom is $5,000. The domain produces 2.36 millions keyword results, is searched for over 4,392 locally, and 14,762 globally, and the overture on the domain’s keywords is 1,219, giving it a 7 on the keyword tracker. Lastly, the CPC for the keywords is $6.68. I’m sure I will find a buyer for the domain in the upcoming year.

I own an extensive resume, education, job and NYC domain collection. I also have a few good service domains, which happen to produce millions in keyword results. I find that picking domains up on the drop can be worthwhile, although a buyer may not be as willing to make a purchase due to you paying so little for the domain.

I recommend that you wait 3-5 months before offering your more quality domains to a company. Sometimes there is bitterness attributed to you finding the quality domains, and the buyer missing out on the drop. Never give up on searching for quality domains. You never know when you’ll find the next best domain that will produce a big sale.

I would like to make it a goal to make it into a Sedo auction, or to show up on the DN Journal weekly sales list. Maybe will help me make it there, but I have to wait until the domain ages before submitting it into an auction or presenting it to a company.

Sedo has an auction rule, which applies to domain rejections, such as denying one from submitting the domain into any future auctions, except for their marketplace auction. In order to make it into the marketplace auction, a buyer has to make an offer your domain.

The advice I can give you is to monetize a domain, build backlinks, advertise the domain, and allow it to age. Go Dadday auctions and Sedo auctions seem to attract businesses that are looking to acquire high traffic or keyword rich domains. and sold for a premium amount. I watched sell for $38K, and then read on DN Jounrnal that the domain sold again for $500K.

Generating 1,000+ unique visitors a month, or owning an aged domain will increase your chances at making a sale. 3 character .com domains seem to attract major interest. Even the number and letter combination are quite popular. Good luck.

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