Use research to sell domain names

Do you read DNJournal’s domain sales column on Wednesday? Some may disregard premium domain sales as irrelevant to their selling goals. However, it is important to browse the domain sales list to determine which trends are popular, and what domains are exchanging ownership.

In order to make a sale, you have to be persistent. If you notice a few domains that similar to yours, use Estibot, Domain Tools, Go Daddy, and various domain tools across the net to locate the new owner. Send an e-mail to the new owner to let them know you’re also selling domain names that are similar to their recent purchase.

You have to be proactive with selling. Another strategy is to use parking services to sell your domains. Make sure that every domain you plan has a for sale link on them. If you generate consistent traffic, a visitor may be interested in buying the domain.

On Why Park, communicate your desire to sell your domain. Write about the domain on the homepage, sharing any stats that you think will generate interest for the domain. Many domain owners purchase domain names, and then park them for a year. When they fail to attract interest, they let the domain drop.

In the domaining world, you have to take the initiative to make a sale. There are times that many interested buyers have no idea you plan to sell a particular domain. Advertise your domains on various domain platforms such as Sedo, Moniker, Go Daddy, and on Why Park.

Domaining is a business. Brand name companies advertise their products using direct mail campaigns, affiliate programs, commercials, press releases and other marketing formats. You must do the same with selling domain names. Many domainers are not as luck as others that have elite domains that sell without lifting a finger. It must be nice to own quality domains.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sell your domains. Everyone domain investor has to start somewhere. In order to build a quality collection, or even to become a good seller, you have to make that first sale. Most newcomers tend to over price their domains, or reply back with outrageous prices to offers.

We live in tough times. Most people are tight with their money because it is essentially hard to earn income. On the opposing side, there are many businesses that have unlimited funds to spend. They will pay top dollars for domain names that fit their business plan.

You may own a domain names they will purchase. There is no way for them to know this name is available unless you contact various companies. Not every company will express interest in the domain name, but sooner or later one company will ask you how much you want for the domain name. When this moment occurs, try to remain calm.

Avoid using the offer to take advantage of the buyer. Many buyers already know what they want to pay for the domain name. Instead, communicate with the buyer, asking them to make you an offer. Once they make an offer, determine whether it meets your price range. If not, you can ask them to increase their offer. In my opinion, if the buyers make a good offer I would accept it. especially if you haven’t made a sale prior to the offer.

Without having sold any domains in the past, your readers won’t trust your advice. My first sale was by accident, and is the main reason I took a chance on domaining. You never know when you’ll receive an offer. However, you can’t sit back and wait for an offer. Do some research to determine who is buying what, and contact these owners and companies about your domains.

Take advantage of the domain tools across the net. There are many useful websites that offer. I assure you that being persistent on the selling side will produce a potential sale. Good luck.

Check out Why Park. They have custom domain apps, and also a selling link to inform potential buyers that your domains are up for sale.

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