Unable to make a dime on DomaingMojo.com

Most domain blogs make a nice revenue stream with their blogs. They tell their audience that they only write to help them. For the most part, these blog writers make a fortune from generating thousands of unique visitors.

I have written hundreds of articles on various platforms. I answer many questions on buying and selling. However, I don’t make a dime on my blog. It is extremely hard to reply back to e-mails and to coach domain owners on how to buy and sell domains without making any money from affiliate programs and ad clicks.

I’ll accept blame for failing to monetize my blog. I have all my banners in the domain resource section. I know that I can’t make revenue with hidden, inaccessible banners. Beside revenue clicks on my domains, I have no luck with making any revenue using CJ affiliate programs.

Every time I attempt to sell a domain to a company, they convey to me that I can sign up for a CJ account to work as an affiliate. In six months, I have never made a penny from any of the affiliate partners. It’s discouraging to link affiliate banners on hundreds of domains, and not receive any leads.

I’m beginning to think that my luck is bad, or that I’m losing money from having less than beginner website developing skills. I have no clue on how domain blogs are developed using banners and various page techniques.

Many of these blogs generate massive unique traffic. While I may generate 300 unique visitors per month, most domain blogs produce between 10,000-100,000+ unique visitors per month.

These blogs mostly share only enough information to attract repeat visitors, but they will never share how to buy a good domain, or the best strategy to sell a domain. In my opinion, ElliotsBlog.com is the best domain blog on the net.

Because of Elliot’s domain blog, I have avoided the common mistake of buying domains based on value, instead I focused on who will be interested in buying the domains. I sold domains that I bought before understanding the domain market.

At that moment in time, I purchased domains with a business frame of mind. I purchased job, movie, NYC, tourist attractions and various other domains. I sold many of these domains to companies and business owners.

In essence, none of those domains come close to my current domain portfolio. I made it a point to find the best drops, and to find quality domains across popular industries.

I always share domain strategies and techniques. I spend extensive time with helping people avoid mistakes, and to buy better domains. I had to learn from asking questions, which I convey to others. I’m struggling to make a living. My time is valuable to me, and writing on a blog is not helping me to generate any income, or to help alleviate my financial woes.

In the next few weeks, I need to make a decision whether to develop DomainingMojo.com or pull the plug on the blog. I can write on my hosted domains at Why Park, which already receive good traffic and clicks. I invested nearly two years writing on Magic Writer. I haven’t produced an adsense click in over 18 months.

Many people write enough to generate traffic, but hold back the good information to entice visitors to ask questions. I share writing tips, domain tips, and many other learning experiences, stories, and information to inform people about ways to make good decisions.

The time has come to assess this blog, and make a decision to monetize the blog, or to close it down. I like helping people, but I also need help too. Don’t believe many of these domain blogs that communicate to their audience that they have a blog to help people.

If that were the case, then they wouldn’t have so many advertisers/banners plastered across their web page. I assure you they make a ton of money from their blogs. Their blogs also help them to sell their domains, and to buy domains. Their target audience are also domain investors that have an interest in premium domains – whether they want to buy or sell domains.

If I do plan to close this blog down, I will tell you ahead of time. Thank you for reading. Good luck.

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2 Comments on “Unable to make a dime on DomaingMojo.com”

  1. jazzman Says:

    Its up to you, but I read your blog. But it might be time to fold if it takes up too much time for you.

  2. Jason Says:


    I’ll keep the blog around until I can figure out how to develop it into an actual website. Thanks for your support.


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