P39.info up for sale

P39.info is up for sale. The domain’s keywords produce 4.1 million average results. The domain is short, targets many P39 terms, and even can provide historical information on the WWII P39 plane. The domain can be developed into a site with adsense and affiliate banners.

The main reason I’m offering the 3 character and various domains up for sale is because I plan to focus on building a resume and cover letter business. I have a good resume/cover letter portfolio, possess writing experience and there is demand for such a service, especially in the executive arena.

The job industry is heating up again, so soon enough there will be more job seekers requesting resume services. I wouldn’t give any false promises with making hiring guarantees. Too many resume companies try to entice customers using guarantees, promises and testimonials.

Customized Resume and custom cover letter services will be more along the lines of capturing skills, education, employment history, and writing a quality cover letter addressing the position.

Custom writing allows the job seeker to communicate their goals with a resume writer. In addition, I find that custom writing is better than do-it-yourself templates. I plan to look more into resume writing. I took a few resume writing classes while completing my BA in Film & Media Studies.

If you’re interested in P39.info, please leave me a comment. Thanks.

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