Use Why Park to Build Domains

Domain development is a time consuming process. If you own hundreds, and even thousands of domains, there is no quick strategy to developing your domains into websites. Many blogs attempt to convince domainers that monetizing domains is the only strategy to building revenue. Why Park is a good alternative to parking domains.

Ever since I moved my entire domain portfolio to Why Park, I have been receiving consistent traffic and clicks. I find it exciting to log into my account each day because I can determine which domains performed the best in the previous day.

This past Wednesday, finished in first place with 6 clicks that totaled $1.93. On Thursday, generated one click for $1.39. A few weeks ago, was clicked on 13 times for $4. There is not one day that goes by where I don’t generate a click.

I don’t earn as much money as I could than if I developed my domains. On the contrary, I have to write my graduate thesis, as well as complete a few other projects, which takes up a majority of my time. There is no possible way I can develop 800 domains, especially when I lack the funds to take on such a demanding project and my website development skills are virtually nonexistent.

Why Park’s domain apps speeds up the domain development process. I can earn revenue clicks, and improve my Google Page rank. In addition, many domains attract repeat traffic. I find the domain apps to accommodate people with the most basic computer skills.

Why Park enables me to keep track of domain traffic, page views, clicks, and earnings. I can transfer the stats to an Excel worksheet. The system even monitors search results for the keywords.

In two months time, established a Google Page rank #2. The domain has 8 sites that link in, and 68 backlinks. I doubt that I can duplicate the same performance results with other domain parking companies.

I have the flexibility to write custom articles, attach links to push traffic to other websites, and to add images and affiliate banners to the domain page. In all, Why Park is an awesome domain development program. I expect my resume, education and job domains to continue earning revenue.

If you own hundreds of domains, experiment with Why Park’s domain development program. Good luck.

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