How to sell a domain name

Many domain investors write articles on how to sell a domain name. For the most part, I never really see any new techniques introduced in these posts. What I see is mostly criticism associated with setting high prices, giving up and losing the motivation to buy the right domains.

How to sell a domain? Most new domainers are trying to figure out a good selling technique. I can assure you that selling is not that easy. However, if you’re persistent enough, I guarantee you that you’ll sell a domain.

The most important aspect of selling a domain is understanding your target audience. Who will want to visit the domain if it is developed into a website? Once you figure out your target audience, you will then know where to find a buyer.

Next step is to type in your domain’s keywords into the search engine. Thousands, and maybe millions of keyword results will show up. In order to generate a more condensed search, place parenthesis around the keywords. The search will turn up average keyword results.

Once you generate the average keyword results, browse the various websites that are related to the keywords. Visit their website. Customize an e-mail that opens with,

Subject: up for sale


I own the domain name The domain is currently registered at Go Daddy, who is the leading domain name marketplace. I plan to put up for sale.

I noticed that your company deals mostly with film industry jobs. I’m confident that will be a great addition to your business plan. Since scriptwriting jobs are in constant demand, a domain such as scriptwriting will help you generate more writing traffic.

Your company can develop a landing page that provides information on scriptwriting jobs, including a link to forward traffic to your scriptwriting jobs section.Furthermore, you can capture all organic type-in traffic.

Domain forwarding is an effective marketing tools which points traffic to an existing website. Most companies have implemented domain forwarding into their marketing plans. is currently located on Google Page #1, which will give you an opportunity to gain some additional traffic.

If you’re interested in acquiring a quality domain, please make me a reasonable offer. Thank you for your time. I look forward to your reply.

Domain Owner

Send out these e-mails to companies that are listed on the first three Google pages. Also, consider searching for the Whois for domain owners that own similar domain names. They might be interested in acquiring the domain.

Write a blog post on the domain name to build value into the domain. List the domain on Sedo, Go Daddy and on Buy Domains. Advertise the domain on free online websites such as Craig’s List, Sales Spider and a few others.

I prefer to either communicate with a buyer directly or to push sales leads to my Sedo listing. When you receive an offer for a domain, don’t get too attached to setting high prices. Know exactly what the domain is worth because pricing will make or break a sale. Utilize the price and make an offer option on Sedo. I lost three sales based on price alone.

Make it a point to know everything there is to know about niche. I have a BA in Film & Media Studies. I have been screenwriting for the past two decades. I understand the value of owning Research the industry, the target audience and the consumer base.

Most companies will find every way possible to reject a domain. You have to convince them that owning a quality domain name will improve their traffic and will help them to maintain brand awareness.

Don’t be afraid of rejection. I have been rejected many times, but I’m always persistent with finding another potential lead to buy a domain. When you reply to rejection e-mails, thank the buyer for responding – be professional and courteous. You never know when they may send you a message asking for your domain portfolio.

Always keep a list of past buyers. These buyers may know another person or business that may be interested in buying your domains. Effective communication is the key to selling domains. You have to be confident about your domain portfolio. Don’t ask a buyer to look at your unappealing list of domains.

I once received a reply that my domain doesn’t receive traffic, and why should they acquire the domain. I responded back with two pages of information on the domain, such as stats, searches, market and other good facts. They asked me how much I think the domain is worth. I responded back with a value, and then split the price in half. I made 30 times the cost of registration in 5 months. That same buyer purchased 3 more domains 6 weeks later at 22 times the cost of registration.

Don’t expect to buy many domains, park them, and to receive many offers. I have only received two random offers in the past year. The majority of the time, I invest time into sending e-mails and preparing advertisements. Build your domains on Why park or use the Go Daddy website tonight template. Advertise your domain for sale.

If you follow these steps, you will have a greater chance at selling your domains. I can’t guarantee you that you’ll sell a domain. It really depends on the domain name, the market, and whether companies and domain investors are willing to spend money. You can definitely make a sale with e-mailing companies and domain owners. Good luck.

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