The reason my articles are sporadic

I don’t always write articles on a daily basis. There are times I wait a few days, and there are moments I wait a week or even a few weeks. I don’t make any money off any of my blogs. I do receive some traffic, but it is nothing to even brag about.

I’m a struggling a college student with little money to my name. I’m able to write on command because I have done it for quite some time now. My goal is to become a screenwriter in Hollywood. I have waited to accomplish this goal since 1994. I have helped many students reach their goals, but I find that it is hard for me to overcome my obstacles and challenges.

I accidentally stumbled into domaining after receiving my first offer right before my domain names were on the brink of expiring. I registered 20 domain names in January 2009. I always knew about domains, but never fully caught on to locating the quality names. I had limited experience.

After I received an offer to sell the domain, I began buying many domains. Maybe I bought too many domains. While many of them are from NYC, I did manage to purchase a few job, movie and taxi domains during the initiation period. These domains are what enabled me to sell more down the road.

Strange enough, the domain name that I received an offer on and payment for is still in my possession. I have tried many times to alert the buyer about pushing the domain to their account, but they contacted me regarding the domain. It is an off situation. I do plan to keep the domain to make more attempts to transfer the domain to the buyer.

The buyer is the reason I decided to get into domaining. They happen to be a Christian center, which makes it appear as a godsend type of calling. As a teenager, I used to be a master at choosing the best comic books for a shop that I worked at. I always knew which Silver Age books were good, and which new ones to order more of and which to order less of.

I purchased a few domains in 2004, but knew very little about the investment potential. After investing the majority of this year into actively learning about the domain industry, I know enough to hold conversations and to write about domains. I can find valuable domains at the cost of registration. Besides a domain I won in a Go Daddy auction, I never purchased a domain for more than the cost of registration.

My fastest domain flip is a .info I purchased back in February for $1, which I sold in 10 days for $320 on Sedo. I advertised the domain on Craig’s List, and the buyer happened to be the webmaster for the .com version. I knew exactly what market the domain would attract attention. GEO domains are easy to sell, especially when businesses are looking to brand a name.

I plan to sell in the next 6 months. I believe this domain will sell because there are hundreds of resume companies in NYC, and the domain pulls up in the search engine. It is a brandable domain name with the potential to generate more than 1,000+ unique visitors a month.

There are over 8 million people who live in New York City. I placed a few domains apps with resume services in New York City. I also put resume paper and resume software shopping links on the front page. In addition, I added a few videos, and utilized the hotel app. is going to attract some interest.

I would like to get into a Sedo auction, but most of my domains are always rejected. I figured out that I didn’t wait long enough for them to age. A new domains is not going to have the same appeal as an aged domain. There is currently a .me premium auction going on at Sedo. I believe the auction begins next month.

I know that is a premium .me name. I would probably get rejected due to the age factor. Sedo likes to reject domains that have little age, and that have little presence on the web. The domain appraises for $890. You have to remember that a name has to be specific to the country code. There are some valuable names that are unregistered in various countries because there is no demand for such services.

Resume Writing is a prime example of this notion. Go to Do a search for You’ll see a small list of various countries that have resume writing available. It’s only available because there are no searches for the keywords in those countries.

On the opposing side, spirituality is a universal term in the world. Everyone knows about spirituality and religion. is a premium name that will one day attract a buyer. I will let the domain age, as well as put work into developing the domain. Once the time is right, I will probably make my first big sale. My highest sale is only $400.

I’m a small time domainer with little money to my name. I struggle to survive, but I do always take the time to help as many people as possible to succeed in domaining, college, and in life. I will have earned 4 college degrees, served in the Air Force, and have written many bodies of work, though I will get denied a position because of having too much experience. I earned the highest score for the city of San Francisco public service test, and could not even get an interview.

Now I have a Master’s in that field, California is experiencing one of its worst budget crisis in its young history. I waited 13 years to graduate with a BA in Film & Media Studies from a respectable UC, and the Hollywood writers end on going on a strike. I always seem to accidentally walk my way into college programs and or hobbies.

However, I have always been good at writing stories. My writing strengths are more so in creative and scriptwriting. In the past three years, I improved my academic and blog writing tenfold. If you ever find that my articles are sporadic, you’ll know that I’m struggling to make a living in Southern California.

I own almost 800 domain names. I have many in resume, college, jobs and in NYC. I also have some key terms in popular fields. My success hinges on whether I can find a break. Good luck on domaining. Thanks.

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2 Comments on “The reason my articles are sporadic”

  1. jazzman Says:

    I don’t know how you pay for all those domains each year, but i’m pulling for you to sell a big one and finally it pays off.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      Thanks for the comment. Have you heard back from any potential buyers? Keep sending messages. Ask them to make you a reasonable offer. You’ll attract a buyer. Good luck.

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