Registered a few more resume and cover letter names

I have been on the prowl to secure as many resume and cover letter names as possible. I fee there will be a surge in interest for these type of domains. As much as I have been buying as of late, I need to change my focus to the selling side of the equation.

The following domains were purchased yesterday, showing you what domains I’m most interested in acquiring.

There are a few variations above that point to successful resume and cover letter websites. I assure you that there are many quality domains that are still unregistered. If you appraise a few of the names above, you’ll find that any with the “I” and the longer tailed domains hold no value.

Since I’m look more to the resume and job market, many companies may be looking to enter the market to expand their products and services. I have a good shot at generating revenue, while there is also potential to make a few sales in the process.

Always take the time to look for different variations, especially when many good domains are still available for registration. Good luck.

Jason Allen Goodlin

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2 Comments on “Registered a few more resume and cover letter names”

  1. jazzman Says:

    with all these resume/cover letter domain names, how can you possibly develop them all into profitable sites??

    • Jason Says:


      What I plan to do is to brand 3-5 resume domains. Since the domains are making a little revenue at Why Park, I can provide links to the other domains.

      The domains will have resume/cv/cover letter content, videos and resume services in various big cities. I can work with various resume companies to possibly charge a small membership fee to feature advertise their services on my site.

      Resume-related domains are going to be extremely valuable soon. Many domainers are registering ones that I overlooked, but then I have done the same with acquiring ones that I assumed would already be taken.

      The resume sites can feature affiliate banners that are similar to the content. is a website that peaked out at 4,000+ unique visitors a month. At 2-3% click rate, depending on keywords, you’re looking at about $400+ per month in revenue only on clicks.

      I haven’t tried to develop the sites yet because I’m still building my portfolio. Soon enough, I will have enough job, education and resume domains to generate revenue. I know a few job developers that are doing extremely well with their websites.

      The resume domains can also attract students, new job seekers, and those that must be retrained again due to unplanned changes. In addition, when these domains make money, there will be more businesses that will be looking to acquire such names.

      I’m sure that will do well. Moreover,, ResumeCoverLetterService,, and are going to attract interest.

      I’ve been receiving many page views on and Once these domains age, I will begin to see more visitors. Either I can write content on the sites, or possibly pay another from eLance to write some articles.

      People are searching for cover letters more than college degrees. I have many education and job domains where I can provide links to push traffic over to the resume/cv/coverletter domains.

      I would focus on maybe 20 sites. Every site may not be profitable, but I have a good shot at generating interest when I brand a few sites. It’s like having a store, and sending out coupons.

      I can develop a news release to provide some random resume tips and discuss ways to help others with job planning.

      Keep in mind that you don’t have to always compliment a site with similar programs, as you can probably put affiliate banners that sell other products such as tickets, electronics, trips, book rentals, and other marketable items.

      I’m sensing that resume domains will sell well once I contact companies that want the keywords. I know many that are using keywords that I have, but more so the plural and or singular version of mine. While I brand a few sites, I can make money with linking the others.

      Maybe a resume search engine with a template builder, or promoting various resume companies in major cities such as New York City and Los Angeles can make money. I receive small clicks now. though the amounts will probably make me back the cost of registration in the next 4 months or so. I’m looking at generating traffic, and then to sell at a profit. Thanks.

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