Building domains into revenue sites

Domains are like stocks. However, a domain owner has more control over making revenue with their domains than they do with stocks.

How do you make revenue with your domains? There are many domain parking sites our there, but only a few offer quality services.

I personally like Why Park. I have the ability to control the content, and the basic service is free. The clicks may not be worth as much as the 80/20 Go Daddy park share; you do have the flexibility with promoting the website.

On Go Daddy, any clicks that are due to promoting the website will violate the terms of the parking agreement. I can assure you thar if your domain name is not a generic term, you’ll struggle to generate revenue.

The best option to make revenue is to use a search engine affiliate program and or to set up an account at Why Park. Why Park has many domain apps to add special shopping and business features.

I plan to develop the domains that are performing the best. I usually analyze the stats in the domain control section. I try to determine what content is most popular on the site, and then I concentrate on adding more similar material.

Another consideration is putting up a page with Google adsense. There are many options to make money. Good lick

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