I want to find a premium domain name

Right now I don’t have the money to buy any domains above the cost registration. The only domain that I paid more than the cost of registration is one that I won at the end of January. I won Venezia-abc.com in a GoDaddy.com auction.

I battled several bidders to win the domain. The only reason I bid on the domain is because websiteoutlook.com appraised the domain for $3,000. The daily ad revenue rang up at $3.50. I assumed that I could make $3.50 per day with the domain.

I’m glad I learned that numbers are flawed. I could have lost serious money if I continued to trust various appraisal systems across the web instead of learning to evaluate a domain name myself.

I used to register reverse order domain names because Estibot generate high appraisals. The system made me feel as if I owned quality domain names. Because of Elliot’s blog, I figured out that reverse order names are not worth purchasing, unless they target popular filed. NYCjobs.com and JobsNYC.com, and HotelsNYC.com and NYCHotels.com are valuable domains.

It really depends on the market. I have several reverse order names that i only registered because of trusting the appraisal value, and not thinking about the market value. We have to learn. I didn’t lose money from investing into these names because I managed to sell names for a profit.

Such domain names that I registered in reverse order are TowerPisa.com, EnglandNew.com, CanyonGrand.com, KnightDark.com, RevolutionFrench.com, 39pier.com, PursesCoach.com, and a few other domains. PursesCoach.com appraises for $23,000.

The main reason I purchased the name is due to the fact that many domains such as baseballcoach.com, actingcoach.com, writingcoach.com and other coach-related domains were already registered. The keywords produce many monthly searches, as well as a high overture.

I will probably hold onto this domain along with EnglandNew.com. On Sedo, the two domains generate a high price suggestion value. EnglandNew.com is valued at more than $10K+ and PursesCoach.com’s price suggestion pulls up at $5,600. I know that these domains will not sell at these prices. I remember when Englandnew.com appraised for $16,000 on both Estibot and Valuate.

Many reverse order domains that have popular keywords tend to produce high appraisals. I wouldn’t mind owning writingresume.com. Resumewriting.com sold for $66K last week. I’m sure that writingresume.com would probably generate some interest at between $1-2K.

Since I purchased around 10 reverse order domains back in February, and many hyphenated NYC domains, I took the mistake as a learning lesson. I don’t regret any past registrations because I also made good purchases around that time.

In January-February, I purchased therapistjobs.us, weekendboxofficeresults.com, grantwritingjobs.com, yellowcabny.com, yellowcabsnyc.com, pier39.info, and CakesNYC.com. I managed to sell all these domains. Because of a few sales above, I was able to sell another 11 domains.

We can’t always hope to skip the learning curve. Every new domain investors must first make a few mistakes to do better. Many of my past registrations that were questionable actually generate ad revenue. I may not be as successful as other domainers, but I’m confident that several of my domains will produce sales above $1,000 in the upcoming year.

I want to find a quality premium domain name. I can’t afford to buy a premium domain name now, but I plan to do some research on what name will have some revenue potential. I find it more interesting to purchase new domains, and see them increase in value than to buy an expensive name that cost me $1,000+ and it fails to generate any revenue.

Job, taxi and box office domains have done well for me. I think that my education and resume/cv/cover letter domains are going to generate some big sales in the next 6-8 months. Until that time, I will continue to hand register domain names, as well as determine which premium name will be a good purchase.

I won Venezia-abc.com at $175 on Go Daddy. The domain has nearly 2000 backlinks, generate over 1500 unique visitors per month during last Fall season, and is a Google Page rank #2. It’s Alexa reached as low as 1 million. The domains was once a website.

However, I can’t seem to find anyone that used to visit the website. Sedo’s price suggestion places a price tag of $2,200 on the domain. Even though I plan to register the domain again, I have no clue what I will do with the domain.

As for a premium name, I’m going to look for a one word .com that produce more than 1,000+ month searches per month. The average keyword results must be over 20,00.

I contacted the owner of optioned.com, but they planned to build the domain. While the domain has a low appraisal value, I planned to write about optioned scripts and novels.

Now that I think more about overpriced domain names that generate low appraisals, I would rather invest money into hand registrations that can be easily flipped for a profit.

The company that owns optioned.com mentioned that one word .com domains are hard to find, and such names command at least 5 figures. In my opinion, optioned.com is not worth even a few hundred dollars to me because the keyword is only searched for 317 times a month. I’m glad I never pursued that name, or packaged.com.

The company that was brokering packaged.com wanted at least 10,000 for the domain. There is no way I would waste money on buying a name such as that when I can invest money into various resume domains. There is one resume name, in particular, where the owner only wants $199. I believe this name can sell in the next year for $1000. It is a two word resume domain.

I own a resume domain that I think will generate some interest. ProfessionalResumeService.net is a nice domain that appraises for $880. The domain produce over 3,600 monthly popular searches, and generates near 21,000 average keyword results. I think the name will be a great addition to a resume company that provides such services.

I’m look to purchase a premium one word name that has a good amount of searches. I’m not sure where I can find a name within my budget. I will keep an eye on various auctions to determine which names have future potential.

I own degreeing.com. The keyword is more so an auto service word for degreeing a cam, but I use the domain as an education domain only because many visitors located the site for abroad programs. I assume there is more interest for education than for degreeing a camshaft. I also own degreecam.com. That domain is geared toward degreeing a camshaft.

I own sparsed.com. It is a word that is listed in the an 1833 dictionary; its meaning is scattered. I use the domain as Sparsed Stock Photos. I plan to place random photos which contain scattered subjects such as rocks, trees, flowers, cars, and any other populated subject.

If I’m able to increase the monthly searches, these domains may increase in value. Right now, degreeing.com is generate a $500 appraisal, while sparsed.com is pulling up at $260. There are one word domains that haven’t been registered yet, though many may not attract immediate attention.

You can turn any short domain name into a valuable name. I think TicketNUB.com will eventually increase in value, especially since I already made back the cost of registration off of a clicks in a matter of two months. 1932quarter.com, EmpireStateHotel.com, and CakeGalore.com are a few good names that generate good ad revenue.

These are all names that I created through trial and error, and listening to the news, watching shows, having interest in a specific region, and paying attention to market trends. These names may not be as valuable as the domain names featured on domain blog websites, but they have been good enough to generate some decent ad revenue.

I think that with additional work, 1932quarter.com can help me to earn more than a $1000+ per year, either with affiliate programs and or ad revenue. Not bad for a domain name that I accidentally purchased because of watching an episode of Pawn Stars back in July.

I also own 1932quarters.com and 1932sQuarter.com. All these domains are common keywords searched for more than 2,000+ times a months. 1932quarter.com already pulls up on Google Page 1 when the generic keywords “1932 quarter” are inputted in the Google search window.

1932quarters.com is not that popular yet. It will take some time to generate some interest. I barely receive any traffic to the domain, while 1932quarter.com is producing a good amount of clicks and generating decent traffic.

The theme of this article is to demonstrate to you that there are plenty of unregistered domains that can make you money. Even though I don’t like .net domains, I located a few good one word .net domains that will probably generate future interest. Some of these names are based on news reports and other various searches.

Invest time into looking for various domain names. If you think like a business, you will make money like a business. Good luck.

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3 Comments on “I want to find a premium domain name”

  1. jazzman Says:


    I’m trying to learn here. when you talk about traffic to your websites, how do you determine that? I have a couple sites I would like to track.

  2. Jason Says:


    I usually keep track of my traffic using Why Park analytics, because all my domains are hosted there. In addition, you can place a stat counter on your website.

    Go to StatCounter.com. You can create many projects that will track the first 500 unique visitors. Once your websites become very popular, you can check the traffic at compete.com.

    Most parking accounts have tools to evaluate traffic. You can track visitor path, and assess visitor maps using statcounter.com.

  3. suchheini Says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.
    Keep working ,great job!

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