Having a Friend make Domaining Mojo logo

Many of the best domain blogs across the Internet use logos on their sites. I have a friend that is a logo and print designer. He mostly works on graphic design projects, so my first logo is within his skill level.

My first logo order is for BoxOfficeWeekend.com. I’ve already seen the rough draft logo, which I feel is consistent with my vision. I will definitely post a picture of the loge once it is completed.

You have to be careful with logo designs. There are so many legal implications involved in the design process, especially when stock photos are used to make a vector design, or when any licensed photos are used to make the logo design.

I trust my friend because he knows a great deal about stock photo licenses, and whether there may any potential legal issues with the logo design. I believe that using a logo on a website gives the person and or company credibility.

Soon enough I will place a logo order for DomainingMojo.com. It will definitely be an interesting process, as I need to build at least one fully functional website to make some revenue.

If you plan to create or order a custom logo design, make sure the designer or that you follow the proper procedures. Don’t risk losing revenue or facing a potential lawsuit.

Good luck.

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