How do I choose domain names?

Once you gain enough experience to create domain names that are good, then domaining is an easy process. When I choose a list of names that I think are good enough to generate future interest, I evaluate the stats to make my final decision.

I use Estibot to appraise the names. However, I don’t pay too much attention to the appraisal values. Unless the keywords produce many average keyword results and searches, I shift my focus to the quality of the name.

The number of searches, and the keyword results determine a domain’s value. You don’t always have to look for a $1,000+ name, especially when there are many names that are worth farcless, and can be just as valuable.

For example, appraises at $1200, but only generates a $320 value. Both names have the potential to become extremely popular.

Another name such as generate nearly 1 million average keyword results, and hundreds of searches. If the monthly searches reach 1,000+, the name can be easily worth $2,000+. As of right now, the name is worth $170, but it will definitely increase in value as the domain ages.

When I choose domain names, I think about what words compliment the main field. If you’re trying to find a two word education name, many are worth thousands of dollars. How do you locate an education .com that is only two words?

What names target the education field? Words such as major, academic, program, courses, course, field, and other names compliment education. I created the name,,,,, MinorProgram, and many other names based on choosing words that target education.

Once I make a list of the contending names, I input them into the Google search engine to determine if they show up as a word suggestion.

If the domain names appear as a word suggestion, I know that people are searching for the term. I know enough about education terms to create relevant names.

I input the names into Estibot to generate keyword’s performance stats. I assess the monthly searches, the average keyword results, and look at other stats such as the overture and type-ins to help me select domains.

I can usually determine whether I like a name, or if I’ll pass on the name through basing my criteria on the market, the stats, and the appraisal value.

I may choose a name that is $80 over a name that is worth $300 because I have a greater chance at moving the cheaper name due to its marketing appeal.

Choose domain names using the same process as writing a paper. Focus on the field, and make your selection using Google, Estibot, and judgment.,, and,,, and various other names that compliment the resume industry.

Good luck.

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