Buying more than Selling

In the past few months, I have been purchasing more domains than making sales. However, I decided to take this route to build my resume inventory, which will help me to plan ahead for better times (domain investing).

There is major demand for resume, job and education domains, so I would recommend stocking up on the domains while they’re still available.

The recent sales of,,, and show that education, job and resume domains will continue to gain widespread appeal.

I noticed that a few domains I registered a few months back are generating interest. I’m receiving good traffic, as well as consistent clicks on and I assume that coin collectors are visiting through type-ins.

I registered right after I heard about 1932 quarters on Pawn Stars near the end of July. I also registered to have both the singular and the plural versions. However, the singular version is far more popular than the plural version. is outperforming receives far more traffic and clicks than its plural counterpart.

The only .net, .mobi, and hyphenated domains I acquired lately were:

Other than that, I don’t usually buy those extensions, or create any hyphenated domains because I have a vast inventory of NYC-related domains that are hyphenated. I purchased many hypenated NYC domains while I was still learning about the domain industry.

I don’t regret purchasing the domains. Thr purchases enabled me to make sales in areas that I would have exempt from if I hadn’t acquired various NYC domains.

The following list are a few domains I recently registered in the past few days. You may question the motivations behind the registrations, you will immediately understand the reason I’m purchasing the domains. I recently picked up the following domains.

I have another list of registrations, but you can determine, from my list, that my focus has been on resume services. I think I purchased most of the resume domains I wanted, which I plan to use alongside to provide information about resume, cover letters, and Cv services across the Internet.

In addition, my job and education domains will help me to generate traffic. I have 20-25 resume domains that are not listed above, which I think are quality domains that have major potential. These domains are capable of making good revenue.

The three fields that produced good sales for me were the movie industry, job domains, and taxi service domains. These domains generated more than 70% of my total sales.

When I have some more time available, I plan to make a few sales. I will definitely report on the techniques I use to push the domains.

Thanks for reading. Good luck on domaining.

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3 Comments on “Buying more than Selling”

  1. jazzman Says:

    hang in there Jason….you have readers….
    I enjoy your comments….

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