Made an unplanned sale

When I woke up this morning, I never planned to make a sale. I sorely needed a sale to boost my spirit. Everything seems to be going wrong at the worst possible time.

For the past week, I tried my hardest to push many job-related domains and various other domains to pay for living expenses and to fund my college education. Domaining is hard to do when you have many obligations, especially ones that are related to financial struggles.

I looked in my e-mail box, never expecting any domain inquiries or anything positive to improve my situation. There is one particular domain .com job domain that I’ve owned since February. Tomorrow, the domain will turn 7 months old. I never mentioned owning the domain name to the past buyer.

So this past buyer asked me how much I knew about job field associated with the domain name. I knew enough to attract interest for the domain. I wrote about job opportunities, what markets sparked interest for the job, and how the domain could be implemented into a successful business plan.

Essentially, I increased interest regarding the domain. I already knew the buyer wanted the domain. Instead of setting a price, I mentioned a few prices generated from two platforms, discussed the type of job, and asked them to make me a fair offer based on the information in hand.

I ended up receiving a great price for the domain. I was definitely motivated about selling the domain. The domain was pushed over in a few minutes, and payment arrived in a matter of 5 minutes.

While domaining may not always be this easy, it sure helps to know the buyer because it helps to make the selling process goes much smoother. I never expected to make a sale, but I was prepared to build value into the domain.

Learning the niches in your domain portfolio will prepare you to negotiate with a potential buyer. I never expected to move a domain this weekend. In order to do well in the domaining world, you must know how to convince the buyer to buy your domain using stats and information.

Good luck on domaining.

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