Find a niche market

Successful domaining requires finding a niche that you feel most confident in pursuing. Many elite domain investors try to judge your domain portfolio. They’re not discrete about their assessment. The best strategy to combating criticism is to focus on a niche market.

Whenever any domainer begins domaining with hand registrations and or with a few domains purchased in an auction, they need to find a niche market. Competing with other domain investors and companies requires one to know what is going to be popular, as well as what domains will produce immediate sales. What niches are most popular in domaining?

Jobs, education, fitness, health care, travel, and other niches attract interest. What area do you find yourself investing the most time into expanding? I find that online education domains are a high niche that is in constant demand.

I stocked up on many quality education sites. As many education domains that I’ve purchased, there are many more available. Some of these domains appraise for $2000+. Many buyers may have a problem with paying you $2000 for a domain name you registered a few weeks prior.

The goal is to build value into the domain. Once you establish an Alexa ranking, build links, and move up to Google Page 1 or 2, you can present these high priced domains to a prospective buyer.

Finding a niche involves knowing everything about the domain name. If you choose education or jobs as your niche, be ready to discuss specific facts regarding the keywords. Build value into the domain name. There are many times where a buyer will question whether they need domain.

Take for instance; master the education niche requires one to know which degrees are popular, the types of degree, the CPC, the amount of searches, keyword results, .com type-in traffic, popularity of the field, target market, and all other characteristics concerning the domain’s keywords.

When you find a niche, there is no reason you can make a sale. Price will be the last obstacle to closing a sale. Build enough value into the domain to increase the value in the domain name.

Consider mastering a niche market that you find most appealing, and don’t mind investing the time to learn every which way to respond to objections. Target a niche market that is widespread, such as a product or service that is universal.

Good luck on finding a niche to increase your domain sales.

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2 Comments on “Find a niche market”

  1. jazzman Says:

    you havent written anything for 12 days……pretty lame.

    • Jason Says:


      I have been extremely busy with my graduate thesis course, and with writing other content.

      After I complete these assignments tonight, I will write an article on my new domains, as well as a few strategies to
      improve domain performance.

      Since I receive very little traffic, I tend to focus more on other sites that are receiving traffic. I do want to write a few articles. Thanks for your patience.


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