The .net Dilemma

Over the past several months, I discovered that .net domains are an impossible sale. No matter how good the name, companies always seem to want the .com. If you have an opportunity to purchase a .net domain, make sure the all the extensions are taken and the name is marketable.

I own a few .net domains that are quality names. They produce many keyword results and monthly popular searches. The main problem with trying to sell these names are that businesses don’t understand the value of any extension past the .com.

I spend hours trying to convince these businesses that owning other extensions past the .com is just as good. One can assess the TLD extensions like cars. The .com is the top of the line, while the .mobi is more on the low end. The .net represents the second model.

What puzzles me most is the names that I’m presenting to these businesses. I see lesser names sell on auctions sites, and through brokerage departments online. I really want to know how these owners are attracting attention to their .net domain names.

I can assure you that I work extremely hard to make sales. It’s not as easy as some make it out to be. If you factor in the time it takes to sell domains, you may be disappointed after calculating your total investment.

In in no way is it easy to move a .net. All companies seem to only want the .com. I have sold a few .us domains, and a .info. Furthermore, the .com is my leading extension in terms of making sales. I have tried many times to push .net, and it never works.

Hopefully, I have better luck in the near future. I don’t plan to buy anymore .net domains until I sell one. It doesn’t matter how good the name or the market, well unless it’s or Other than those names, I’m not interested in purchasing any .net domains. The .net domain name extension is a tough sale.

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2 Comments on “The .net Dilemma”

  1. Herb Says:

    Maybe you could write a post about what kind of profit to expect, what platform you sold domain names on, how long you usually hold name before sale , if you make any money parking them etc., I think it would be an interesting read

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