Frustrated about losing

I found a domain name several weeks ago. I continued to wait on registering the domain because I didn’t have the money to buy it, and I chose to purchase a few other domain names instead.

Even at the cost of $7.87 .com, I find myself struggling to purchase a few domains. I know that I made a mistake, especially when this domain is going to be worth a lot of money in the near future.

The domain that I lost was After checking the appraisal on the domain again, I was going to register the domain right after. However, another person registered the .com and the .info. I feel like I walked off of a slot machine, and someone else hit the mini jackpot.

I wasted too much time cold calling companies today. I can’t seem to understand that no business will ever agree to buy a domain name on the phone. They always reject me each and every time. I try hard to make these sales, but these companies continue to disregard domain names as unnecessary to their business plan. is going to be one of those domains I will regret not buying, especially when I had the domain name in my Go Daddy box earlier today. What makes it worse is that I discovered the domain name a few months ago, but kept waiting to purchase it.

“Degree from College” are popular keywords that appear in the Google search suggestions. I knew this because I own and I snoozed on registering the domain name

This seems to be a recurring theme, since I can’t barely purchase gas and buy food. I always lose the best domain names. I wrote about losing a few weeks ago. However, I should have purchased long ago.

My lesson is to never wait on any domains because there are always others searching for the same exact variations. I think this is one of the biggest domain name mistakes I’ve ever made. The more I look at the name, the more frustrated I get.

I have to accept the fact that when you struggle due to college tuition and living expenses, that it will probably be the reason you miss out on the best domain names. Never wait on registering a domain name. Good luck on domain investing.

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6 Comments on “Frustrated about losing”

  1. Mike C Says:

    I’ve done this quite a bit when i was first starting out. i’d make massive lists of available domains, and try to pick through the best ones to register. then after months and years of learning, i would look back on the lists and see many little gems that i missed, and usually too late by then. i also used to think that leaving a domain unregistered is like leaving a dead tree standing rather than cut up and stacked on your woodpile. its already stacked vertically, like nature’s free storage. in the case of domains, i thought, an unregistered domain is like inventory i can carry with no cost, so long as no one else finds and registers it. thats the risk though. you can see a post i wrote about several domains i regretted not registering in the past



    • Suisun Blog Says:


      Thanks for your post. You provided an excellent analogy on lists and registrations. I tend to make many lists because I lack the funds to purchase the domains during that moment in time. Sometimes I think that making lists are effecting with helping me to avoid making bad purchases. There are a few instances where I let certain domains slip past me that I regret not registering. There are times I lose a few domains that frustrated me at the time, but now I’m neutral about the missed registration.

      People are good enough to eventually find the gems. I lost,,,,, and a few other that don’t look that appealing now. I took risk with waiting to register and I let these domains sit around for 6 weeks. I’m glad I could register those domains without losing them to another.

      I think is a good domain, but it doesn’t have as many monthly searches as my other college-related domains. I have a list of domains where that when I go back to them months later, I still find the domains sitting around collecting cyber dust.

      For the most part, I think people don’t look for the obvious because they assume these domains are gone. Maybe they only want the .com, when in fact the other extensions are just as good. I haven’t had any luck selling .net domains. I’m sure they can produce a sale, but I’m targeting the wrong end-users.

      Maybe is not as popular as I anticipated it to be. I would probably have to prove the worth of,, and to push any domains in the auto industry. Each time I try to make a sale to a auto shop, I end up walking into a commission deal I eventually walk away from because there is no effective way to monitor the referrals.

      I will definitely check out your article. I’m not as mad anymore about the waiting on the domain name I’m sure it will be a popular domain, but I already own and I’m planning to sell to raise some money to attend my last quarter of graduate school.

      I think creating various lists helps me to evaluate domains’ marketability, which will prevent me from making bad purchases. I usually analyze the domains, determining which ones have potential and which ones will take up space. While the searches and the keyword results play a factor in my decision, I tend to look at the niche and the businesses that may be interested in the domain.

      I registered because the keywords generate over 500,000 average results and the job market is heating up. sold at Sedo this past December for $4100. In addition, sold for $570 and sold last week for $800 at Sedo. It seems that Sedo sells the majority of the education and resume domains.

      I think I may have scored a good registration on and Sedo’s price suggestion attaches a fair amount for Attaching various actions to generic keywords such as, and are effective in producing a good domain.

      Thanks again for your input.


  2. jaaz88 Says:

    Don’t regret so much….to be honest, I don’t think its a very good name. Who’s going to turn on their computer and type in degree from college? no one. forget it.

    • Suisun Blog Says:

      @Jaaz, was more so for the search engine. Since and are 6 figure websites, “Degree from ?” is a popular search term. It’s not that commonly searched in the US, however, the domain has potential to do well if developed into a good website.

      I own, which pulls up massive keyword results and good monthly searches. It has a good CPC at $6.81. Sedo’s price suggestion is $4900, while Valuate and Estibot ring in with $4400 and $5600, respectively. The keywords for both domains are more so for the search value than to brand the sites.

      Since I missed registering the domain, I have looked past education to stock up on Resume-related domains. I feel there’s major potential in the resume, cover letter and cv field. Thanks for the comment.

  3. jaaz88 Says:

    Here’s a question for you: what would you do with: ??

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      “Jazz Colleges” only generate average keyword results of 1,300. The monthly searches are low, and the CPC is at .05. However, I would probably write reviews on various Jazz College in New York City and in other jazz cities that promote jazz colleges. Your domain is aged 2 years, so you can maybe look into monetizing the site with featuring jazz colleges, courses, equipment, and etc…

      If you put in the work, you can increase the popular monthly searches for the keywords. Furthermore, the domains will then increase in value. The more popular and valuable version is Thanks.

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