Warren Buffet predicts a good forecast for the economy

Every economic analyst is trying to use the current state of the economy to inject fear into the mass. There’s always a negative outlook to what is expected of the future economy, however, Warren Buffet claims the economy will successfully rebound.

This past year, I invested in many job-related and service domains. I also have a few that are up for sale on the side panel of this blog. These domains can be easily developed into websites that provide job resources for that specific job. You don’t need to own a .com to be successful.

I have domains such as custodianjobs.us, productionjobs.us, pastrychefjobs.net, petjobs.net (dog walker, groomer, and pet services) and many more that are up for sale. I’m willing to negotiate on a good deal. Please view the list of domains on the side panel to determine which you find will fit your business plan.

Once you acquire a job-related domain name, you can work with various job companies to market their jobs and to put up adsense to make revenue. When Buffet speaks of a “rosy economy,” he knows that there will be many great opportunities. This is the time to acquire job domains, because they will be hard to find in the near future.

The main reason I’m selling a few of my job domains is because I plan to develop my education domains. In order to develop these sites, I will need to raise enough funds to pay for logo designs, advertising and for developer services.

I assure you that any one of the job domains have the ability to generate income. You can hire a freelance writer on Elance.com to write articles at an affordable rate. Provide pictures, articles, job search engine and etc. As the job market begins to regain steam, so will your job domains.

Market your job sites using a newsletter. Please let me know if you’ll be interested in acquiring any of the domain names. I will work out a deal. I put appraisal prices on the domain, which will give you starting point to negotiate. Domains without prices attract very little attention since the buyer has no idea what price the seller is looking to get on the domain.

Good luck

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