Finally Registered

The leading Aesthetician site on the Web

After waiting over 6 weeks, I finally made a decision to register I wanted to avoid making the same mistake as I did with losing out on When you find a great domain, you have to be quick.

There are many times that I located nice domains, but then snoozed on acquiring the domain due to financial reasons. Another domainer would come along and snatch up a domain that took me hours, and sometimes even days and weeks to locate.

I used to work as a front/back office medical worker at a popular Dermatology Clinic in San Jose. I remember when two aesthetician professionals used to provide their patients with daily therapeutic facials and extractions. Aesthetician programs and jobs are extremely popular.

Yesterday I spoke with a Macy’s Benefit employee regarding aesthetician jobs and education. After chatting with the employee, I decided to register to avoid losing the domain. is worth an estimated $32,000. Since therapeutic facials, eye brow waxing and other cosmetic procedures are extremely popular, I’m confident will attract future interest.

I plan to transform the domain into a website that provides information on aesthetician programs, careers, and job locations. I’m confident the website will generate traffic, especially since there is major demand for skin care, eye brow waxing, extractions and therapeutic facials.

There are still plenty of quality .co domains available. I usually spend time researching specific markets, determining which domains have the ability to spark interest.

I’m glad that I had an opportunity to register The domain is definitely a nice addition to my other four .co domains. Along with my acquisition, I also registered, and

While my finances are limited, I try to make the best out of my domain selections. Good luck on your quest to find the domain gems.

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2 Comments on “Finally Registered”

  1. chris Says:

    congrats on the name!
    I have many .co registered and am making them into mini sites that dont need too much maintainence. Its a hell of a lot better than just parking them. I also just launched 1 of my health .co domains.

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      Thanks. I don’t usually purchase .co domains. If I had more money to spend, then maybe I would consider buying more .co domains. At this very moment, I try to maintain a budget. Domaining is tough when the funds are scarce. I own the following .co domains: (hometown)

      I purchase many .com with 1,000+ local monthly searches. The bulk of my .com domains fall under resume, cover letter, education and job niches. If I had web development skills, I would invest time into making mini sites. I want to build,,, and a few other sites. Good luck! Thanks for reading. happy New Year.


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