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I have been active in challenging the new .co based on price. But, because of price I actually lost out on a nice .co domain I have been wanting to purchase for the past 6 weeks.

I put on my watch list. I was looking to use the domain as my main education website to promote my education domains. However, I had to make a decision on which domain I wanted more – or

As a graduate student, I’m limited on money. I couldn’t afford to purchase the two domains, so I had to choose one. I thought about my job and education domains.

What are people looking for when they go to college? Essentially, they want to land a good job. In order to find a good job, a job seeker must have a strong resume. Bingo. was a nice .co that I let slip away, but I’m confident in my decision to choose over I have to make these types of decisions all the time. Should I buy this domain or another?

If the .co cost $10 or $15, I would own both of these domains. I wanted, but I elected to purchase,,, and instead.

I’m confident the new owner of will develop the domain or present it to an education company to make a nice sale. I don’t regret my decision to purchase, especially when Sedo brokered for $4500 last year.

I like the new .co, but the $30 price tage makes it hard for me to purchase every domain I want. There’s one .co that I hope will last until I find more funds, but you know how that goes. You can’t let good domains sit around.

Actually, there are two .co domains I want to purchase. The .com versions are worth more than $30k. Some argue that I’m in the wrong business if I can’t afford 10 .co domains for $300.

These domainer investors don’t know that I already spent 15 times that amount on building my portfolio this year. I have to pay $2200 per graduate course. I live in Southern California, which is very expensive. I have to be selective on what I purchase. I have a list of 100 .com domains that I want to buy.

However, I must determine which ones that are most valuable to my business plan. If I didn’t set any buying standards, I would probably own 1500 domains. There’s no way I can afford to register these domains the next year.

I do agree that the new .co is a nice domain extension. I would consider purchasing one or two more .co. In short, I’m content with my decision to purchase instead of going after

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2 Comments on “Registered”

  1. Damon Says:

    G’day mate. You seem pretty sharp. I like your style.
    By trade I am a Network Administrator, however Domaining has never been a big thing on my agenda. I purchased 75 .CO Domain Names prior to the public launch (actually 100 but I lost 25 percent).
    I researched for 2 months prior to purchasing, so i didn’t just jump on any name, it was all calculated and based on previous .NET Domain sales nad some .COM sale prices (I estimated 5 percent value to the .COM’s for a .CO when .CO is in its infancy).
    Drop me an email, I would really like to chat with you. 🙂

  2. Suisun Blog Says:


    Thanks for the comment. I rarely receive any comments, so it’s cool to read one once in a while. You must have picked up some nice .co domains.

    There are many good keywords still available, but I can’t afford to purchase them. I have lost out on many good domains because I’m limited on funds.

    I research most of the .co names, so I currently own:

    I built my entire domain portfolio on new registrations, except for one domain I won in a Go Daddy auction this past January. There are many quality domains that are overlooked.

    I will definitely send you an e-mail. Thanks for providing some content to Domaining Mojo. I’m looking to build a website, but I lack website development skills. Thanks again.


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