moving up the charts

I recently purchased because there have been so many discussions on legal issues stemming from cases involving domain name trademark registrations and improper uses of domains.

Since the keywords are not as popular in the domain industry, they generate some interest in the near future. I currently have the domain parked at Why Park. I put up some domain name legality videos and also included a “Just Answer Lawyer” box on the bottom page.

I noticed that has moved onto Google Page 1. It’s far too early to attain a Google Page rank, however, the site will surely be a good resource for those that are looking to locate legality information on domain names.

As domain name legality becomes even more popular in blog discussions, maybe I will receive an influx of traffic. I have yet to produce any high traffic domains. generated 1000 unique visitors a month at Sedo, but then it dropped once I moved it to Why Park. Furthermore, used to generate 800-1000 unique visitors a month at Sedo, and now only receives under 200 unique visitors per month. Neither domain has produced any ad clicks.

Several of my domainname……com related domains are showing up on Google Page 1. The main reason I acquired these domains was to help new domainers that are unfamiliar with pushing domains, legal issues, and many other domain resources.

I really believe in I feel that it will continue to grown into a quality site.

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