Alexa traffic versus Unique Visitors

I own many domains that produce an Alexa traffic rank. Sometimes I question whether Alexa only bases their traffic on the popularity of the keywords. Should we assume that their system is assigning an accurate traffic rank to every domain?

I own the domain The domain generates about 6-7 unique visitors per day. A few months ago the domain reached 720,000 on Alexa traffic. When I compare the domain to more established websites, it seems there’s some discrepancy with the traffic ranking criteria.

To be fair, I don’t think deserves to be ranked higher than City Hall owns, which manages to generate nearly 6-10K unique visitors a month. On Alexa, the website is ranked 1.6 million. My domain is ranked 909,000 at this very moment.

Since I haven’t put up any new content on the site for the past month, the ranking dropped a few hundred thousand spots. Currently, I have nearly 75-90 articles, city resources, pictures, and information on the site. I’m thinking the Alexa traffic rank is based on keyword popularity and on fresh content.

There are many websites that have a 2 or 3 million Alexa rank, but they attract nearly 3-4 unique visitors per month. There are a few websites that were once ranked 750,000 and produced 10,000 unique visitors in a month. generates nearly 9,900 unique visitors in a month, but only ranks 580,000 on Alexa. Comparing unique visitors and Alexa traffic rank seem to be two different domain metrics.

There’s no way my and should be ranked higher than, especially when they only generate a few hundreds visitors a month.

What’s your thoughts on Alexa and unique visitors?

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