Planning to build Domain Name Mojo

In the next month, I plan to build into a domain hangout. I’m having a friend build me a logo that conveys my goal – to educate new domainers about my journey through the domain industry.

My main weakness is developing websites. I don’t really have much money to invest into a program to teach me how to develop my domains. Until I learn to develop my domains, I’ll keep them parked at Why Park.

My Blog Spot blog has been ineffective with generating traffic. I wrote over 500 articles on the blog since June 2009. The blog is ranked 956,237 on Alexa. Three months ago. I managed to push the blog into the 730,000 Alexa traffic territory. However, I haven’t made any money with the blog.

The blog has CJ affiliates, adsense, and outgoing links to my other domains. I provide all sorts of information on the blog. Over the past 9 months, I don’t really see any value in maintaining the blog.

Though I received compliments on the blog, and have helped people start their own blogs, the blog has failed to materialize. I’m planning to leave the articles up. Maybe I’ll receive visitors when I ignore the blog.

I want to put my energy into building my job, education and domain name domains. I see future potential in developing those sites.

I have parked at Why Park. The domain features various information on the domain industry such as domain metrics, articles, auctions, and resources.

There are plenty of brandable domains that are unregistered. If you’re looking to start a blog or to monetize a site, invest time into finding high keyword result domains.

You may even want to consider searching for names that sound cool. Good luck on your domaining venture. I will keep everyone updated on

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