Watch out with spending money on domains

The market is not as good as you think. After calling dozens of businesses, I’m thinking that you have to be careful on how much you spend on domains. Monetizing them hasn’t led me to any revenue.

If you buy too many domains that are not marketable, you’re going to lose a lot of money. Don’t always trust these blogs that tell you that domain names will make you a fortune.

You can make money, but you need connections. You may already have a buyer that tends to pick up domains from you on a regular basis. If you want to sell domains, avoid cold calling businesses.

Essentially, you’re wasting your time calling businesses that don’t understand the power of domain names. I have wasted hundreds of hours calling businesses, and never made any sales in result of contacting a businesses by phone.

Many blogs withhold the struggles of selling domain names. if you want to make a sale, put your domains on Sedo. Write a description about each domains, and maybe spend a little money on promoting the domains.

Another way is to send e-mails to businesses that operate in that industry. From experience, it’s not that easy to make a sale. It doesn’t matter how good you domain name is, you need connections or have to know someone that is interested in the actual name.

Sometimes you may get lucky with an offer, but don’t always count on buyers surfacing out of thin air to buy your domains. I only received two offers for a domain in the past 7 months. Both domains resulted in a sale.

The majority of the time I put in a lot of work to make very little profit. While I write about domaining, I also want to share the truth about the struggles in being careful as a domainer.

Be careful with spending your money. Good luck.

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6 Comments on “Watch out with spending money on domains”

  1. jazzman Says:

    You would have more credibility if you listed some names you own and the sales you have made. Otherwise, why should we listen to your advice?

    • Suisun Blog Says:


      I don’t own domain names that are worth $10k or more, but I have enough experience to determine how to buy and sell domains. I managed to break even, and still own hundreds of names. I’ve done that on hand registering names.

      I want to prove to others that you can start with hand registrations and work your way up to premium names.

      Out of respect for the buyer, I’m not going to list any sales. I’m not an elitist or want to gloat about my sales. They’re small compared to more elite domain investors. People will find these articles in the future, and regret not reading them earlier.

      I built my portfolio on hand registrations. My names may not be worth thousands apiece, but they have good value. Most domain blogs write articles on brands they are trying to push. Essentially, they will make a profit when a domainer clicks on the ads.

      I don’t make any money because I don’t generate any traffic. Maybe I’ll come across a few names that will attract attention. I think I’ll wait 6 months before I add any names on my blog.

      I think my advice is good because I managed to sell names that i hand registered. I sold one this past week to a company that I owned for 6 months. I paid $5 for a .us job domain and a company bought it for $400 – Sedo commission = $350. They already developed the domain.

      I sold 4 domains to a popular website. My cost was $30, and I made $750. 3 of those names were hand registered last month. I always look for the best domains at the cost of registration.

      I sold 10 domains to a NYC business. I made a nice sum with a small investment.

      I’ve done this enough times to make close to my investment, and I will still have hundreds of names to push for profit.

      What makes the whole domaining gig interesting is that I can go on blogs, and list a few names. The elite domain investor will say these names are bad. I will then go out and sell these same exact names to a company. The company ends up benefiting from the names because they generate more traffic to their website.

      I may not have made a sale like or, but I’m confident that I will make some big sales in the next 6 months. All of them will be from past hand registrations. I don’t buy domains in auctions, nor do I have to spend more than the cost of registration on any domain.

      Keep an eye on my blog. You don’t have to listen, but check it out. I’m actually generating a profit when many blog owners told me not to give advice or that I will never make a sale with various names.

      Thanks for your comment. I may have only 2 comments on my blog, but that’s more than the 0 I had in the past month.

      I have been coached by a few elite domainers that have domain portfolios that are massive. I won’t name them, but their advice has helped, even though I already had a system that was working.

      I will put up some sales in the near future. I have written on many blogs to help people with writing, but many overlook the information, only to find it when they spend a fortune to do the exact same thing I provide steps on.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I will make a few sales, and put up the results on this blog. I did make one .info purchase back in March for $1 and flipped it for $320 10 days later to the owner of the .com.

      I put up an ad, the company found it, and purchased the domain at Sedo. I try to be careful to share any sales, since these are companies that want to remain anonymous.


    • Suisun Blog Says:


      If you already know what you’re doing, then my blog may not help you. However, if you want to register a few hand registrations to flip for profit, then this blog will help you.

      I use my insight to find good names, generate an appraisal just to determine their stats, and then present them to a company. I haven’t made a sale over $1000, so I try to avoid criticism because I’m always finding it on other blogs.

      People talk about stuff that has nothing to do with domaining or how to make a sale. They’re very discrete. I rarely find the information I need. I took it upon myself to contact another elite domainer to determine how to improve my sales. He told me that I needed to focus more on the business side instead of other aspects. What are businesses looking to buy? Products and services.

      However, I did manage to buy many good names before even understanding the industry. I have sold these names. These names fall under service, tourist places, products and some are in movies.

      I’m discrete on these names because all I will attract are elite domainers trying to find ways to discredit my sales and portfolio. Essentially, they will use their top notch domains to squash my portfolio.

      I;m confident that I own 30 names that will generate a few nice sales.

  2. jazzman Says:

    Well, good luck Jason. I know you are a very hardworking person and I was just curious about what sort of names you are dealing with. You have decided not to mention any, so I will give up on that idea.
    Sounds like sales are ok. You could say ” I sold without revealing the company that bought it.

    • Suisun Blog Says:

      Jazz Man,

      My goal is to help those that can’t afford to spend thousands on premium names. If you keep flipping domains at the cost of registration, then you can work your way from the small stuff to owning the premium domains.

      A few domains that I own:

      and hundreds more.

      I never pay more than the cost of registration. I invest time in searching for names, analyze them and determine which ones I want to sell in the near future. I hope to work my way into some premium name after the holiday season. I want to show domainers that you can compete against the more established domain investors.

      I also own 2 dozen job domains, many education-related domains, a handful of hotel domains, and the domains Im linking to on my site panel, except for the movie site. Many may criticize my names, but I’m confident Ill sell many of them in the next year.

  3. Jason Says:

    Jazz Man, 

    I’ll share a few domains I sold. Theyre not premium names, but they were good sales. The only domain I ever paid more than cost of registration for was (won in Go Daddy Auction).

    and a dozen more.

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