What I find irritating about some elite domainers

When I first entered the domain industry, I already knew which fields were popular. I made my fair share of mistakes because I looked to value into of quality. I kept inputting keyword variations to find the best appraisal. Furthermore, I purchased more than 50-65 NYC-related domains.

After looking back, I knew exactly what I was doing. The only mistake I made was trying to rush results. When the time is right, you will receive offers and make sales. I’m selling domains that pros mentioned were bad. These names were never bad, they just didn’t fall into the elite domainer’s quality criteria.

I have been told not to give any advice because I don’t know what I’m doing. I find it humorous that I keep finding the best domains that are sitting around, and I can produce a sale without breaking a sweat. I’ve sold names that many conveyed were bad, and that had no commercial value.

Because I looked in the right areas, I managed to do well in the buying and selling aspect of the domain industry. I’m confident about my ability to locate the best domains for the least amount. The only time I paid more than registration for any domain name was when I won a domain in a Go Daddy auction.

I can give people advice on how to buy and sell. There are a few elite domainers that may have challenged my domain IQ, but I quickly took bigger strides to catch up to the lead pack. I may not own 6 figure domain names, but I do have a nice collection that I can piece out to make a nice profit.

I try not to listen to certain domain investors that judge my domain investing abilities, because they give people bad advice. However, that’s a whole another story. There is one particular domain leader that helped me to increase my learning curve.

The domains that I moved in the past 3-4 months are actually domains I purchased when I was still learning about the industry. There are few fields that I’m heavily stocked up on. My main strategy is to register domains no more than 1 year, and then to flip them as quickly as I can without having to pay registration fees again.

There are maybe 100 domain names that i will have trouble selling because of factors such as hyphens, quality, and GEO. When the time comes to register the domains again. I will look to reduce the prices. Whatever I make in result of a sale, I will reinvest into quality domains.

In, some elite domain investors try to put people down only because they dislike when people have an opinion or are critical about their perception. I still read articles, and leave posts.

The majority of the time I’m reading outside articles, browsing what sales, monitoring auctions, and investing time into finding good quality domain names. I’m confident that one day I will make a big sale. For the most part, domaining is about flipping domains as quickly as possible.

There’s a lot of money to be made online, especially with monetizing domain names, flipping them based on their keyword value, and finding the right people that are looking to improve their website traffic.

Mostly this article is about how much I knew as opposed to how little a few elite domainers think I know about the industry. I know enough to find a buyer, negotiate a sale, hand register nice domain names, and to be patient enough to avoid giving up.

Many domainers will try to make you feel as if you don’t belong in the domain industry. I don’t pay any attention to those people. However, I have learned a lot ab out the industry from the domain blogs and the many articles floating around the Internet.

The main thing that frustrates me about elite domainers is that they judge your domain names only on their low value, and not on their ability to actually sell with the right pitch.

There’s not reason to think, otherwise, that maybe I can move the 100 domains along with a few quality domains. I can possibly consolidate them into a package deal. I’m always learning a new strategy to gaining a competitive edge.

Don’t always believe everything that elite domainers tell you. I assure you that when the time is right, you’ll make a nice sale. In addition, you’ll learn how to buy the right domains. Maybe you already purchased the right domains, but you don’t know where to begin in order to make a sale.

Keep an eye on my experiences. Only ask questions, and keep a mental record of the information you know that is valuable. Good luck on domaining.

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One Comment on “What I find irritating about some elite domainers”

  1. jazzman Says:

    You often speak of the many sales you have made to prove to others you know what you are doing. I think you would have alot more credibility if you would list some of your names and the sales you made. You are never specific.

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