Scoring the first sale

If you’re a domain newbie, most likely people are not going to listen to your advice. Even when you invest the time to learn about the domain industry, your advice has little validity to influence the mass. I bypassed the beginner initiation long ago, and now have worked my way into advanced stage.

My advice to domain newbies that are trying to make a sale is to be flexible. Don’t ask an off the wall amount – be reasonable about the price. If you have to, ask the buyer to make you a reasonable offer. Avoid buying high priced domains because the seller communicates its long-term value.

With the selling aspect of domaining, usually the buyer understands the value of a domain. There are times they will try to make low offers, but from my experience the offers are right on cue. If you haven’t made your first sale yet, you may be frustrated about domaining. I assure you that if you put in the work to make a sale, you will attract a buyer.

You have to advertise your domains. Don’t expect a buyer to find your domain. For example, you want to sell your car. If you don’t put up a sign on your window, then people may never know whether you want to sell your car. Domaining is a proactive business – be proactive to make a sale.

Domain companies will not promote your domains, well unless you spend the money to advertise the domain on their landing page, or you make it into one of their premium auctions.

Buyers are looking for specific domains. They usually know where to look, and how much they want to pay for the domain. If you have the chance to make your first sale, try to make it work.

I don’t like the “Make Offer” sales pages. I have no clue what to offer. What if I offer more, or far too less? I would change your sales settings to include a price, and a “make offer” option. This way, the buyer has an idea about the price.

Every company has a budget, whether they’re making millions or only thousands in revenue. For that same reason, the change in interest rates influence the number of loans taken out.

Advertise your domains on free advertising sites. Put up local advertisements, discuss the sale on Twitter and Facebook, chat in forums (DNForum) and on blog, and e-mail companies that are on the first two Google pages.

I would call the companies to offer the names to them. You have to program your mind to make a sale. Go out there, and do it. The first sale can either be easy, or the hardest part of domaining.

If you think like a business, you will make money like a business.

Good luck on domaining.

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