The most effective way to sell on Sedo

There are millions of domain names up for sale at Sedo. You may think that never you stand a chance in making a sale. Considering the variation in names and the premium domain names that make your domain portfolio seem small, you actually have a great chance at making a sale at Sedo.

There are a few strategies you can take to increase your chances at attracting a buyer. My first two Sedo sales were in result of advertising my domains on Craig’s List. Because I invested the time to write about how a prospective buyer can use a domain to generate revenue, I made a sale on the first night.

While I had a few good leads, I also received a lot of spam. After awhile, you can weed out the serious buyers from the spammers. I continued to put up many of my domains on Craig’s List. I provided the link to my domain name, which was listed at Sedo.

A week later, I logged into my e-mail, noticing that a buyer found the Craig’s List ad and bought the domain. I made two sales at Sedo using Craig’s List to advertise my domains. I eventually gave up on CL. I put in 100 times the work, and never made another sale again.

I recently sold my third domain at Sedo. A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Sedo, which notified me that I received an offer on one of my domains. I immediately logged into my account and responded to the buyer with a counteroffer.

What attracted a buyer to my domain? A few weeks ago, I removed the “buy it now” feature from all of my domains. I replaced it with a price, and a “make offer” option.

Even though Sedo recommends that setting fixed price will produce four times as many sales as making an offer, I increased my chances to make a sale with researching the right starting price and with adding a “make offer” option. If you set your “fixed price” too high, a buyer will have no way to make you an offer.

For example, a person wants to sell their car. They ask $4000 for the car. Most people may want to buy the car for $3000, but the buyer never leaves any doors open to discuss a cheaper price. If they had put up a OBO, then maybe prospective buyers would make an offer on the car.

The same scenario occurs with domain names. Research the domain to determine a fair amount. Set the “make offer” option, displaying both price and make an offer. You now give a prospective an opportunity to make you an offer for the domain. I don’t like when people put up only a “make offer” option. I don’t have a clue what the owner wants for their domain.

I may insult the buyer if i fire off a small offer. I could also make too high of an offer when the buyer was looking to sell the domain for less. Negotiating with the buyer is easy. They will usually make you an offer for 40-50% of your asking price. You’re goal is to entice the buyer with lowering the price.

The buyer may ignore you at first, but keep them interested in the domain. You have wait it out after you make your first counteroffer. Thereafter, you may consider making another counteroffer. If you don’t hear anything, wait a day to send one last offer. The buyer will likely respond with an offer.

If you like the offer, accept the amount to close the deal. You can also push the domain into the marketplace auction. If I had more time and the luxury of funds to wait, I would’ve considered the auction. However, I was content with the offer I received for the domain.

The best strategies to selling your domains on Sedo is to set a fair price with a “make an offer” option, and to advertise your domains on a free Internet advertising website. Always provide a description of the domain name, and give a prospective buyer some advice as to how they will benefit from acquiring the domain.

Check the advertising website’s policy on whether you can provide links to the domain name. Lastly, you can park your domain at Why Park. Input a price, and supple a link to your domain at Sedo.

In addition, you may want to consider spending a little money to feature your domain on Sedo’s front page. Keep in mind that you must set your price within reason and to give the buyer an opportunity to negotiate. I find that set prices are like shopping centers that sell regular priced items.

In order to make a sale at Sedo, you have to be proactive in trying to promote your domains. There are millions of domains that are up for sale. It’s really tough for people to find your domains, especially when they may not know where to look. Cover every angle to entice buyers to purchase your domains at Sedo.

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