Misspelled words in domain names

It is highly important to spell a domain name right. The value of a domain name hinges on the accuracy of spelling. However, there are some high traffic websites that are misspelled wrong. There’s an actual market to finding the common misspellings.

Every person makes spelling errors. We’re all human. I find myself rushing to spell words, and notice the same errors every time. There’s one word, in particular, that I keep making the same spelling mistake on.

As hard I as try to spell “degrees” the right way, I seem to always make the mistake with typing the “w” instead of the “e”. The misspelling is quite common with weather reports and in the academic field. I decided to purchase the domain dwgrees.com.

While I always try my best to buy error-free domain names, I noticed one spelling error in my NiagraFallsNY.org. The correct spelling is NiagaraFallsNY.org. The exact keyword terms are searched for over 3,000+ times per month.

What words do you spell wrong? Have to attempted to look for that particular domain? Share your experience. Misspellings have benefited some of the most elite domain investors. Maybe I have a winner with dwgrees.com.

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