To buy, or not to buy – .co

Many domain name investors and news blog have generated heavy traffic based on the new .co extension. There is either conflict involving the value of the extension, or praise given to the .co representing a long-term investment. At $30 per domain, the high cost is keeping me from registering additional names.

On the first day the .co was made available to the general public, I registered 4 .co domains – one on my hometown city, one on a famous tourist attraction in the Bay Area, another on a famous park in NYC, and a three character .co domain.

On one blog, one .co supporter continued to make predictions that the .co would overtake the .com as the more valuable domain extension. However, I don’t see the .co as the better domain. Speculators try to persuade others into believing that every new extension will better than the .com.

The .co is an interesting extension. There are a few .co names that I want to acquire, but I refuse to the pay the high cost. There’s no possible way that I’m going to spend a $1000 on a .co, especially when I can register 150 .com domains that I can flip in less than 6 months.

Domaining is about flipping a domain in the least amount of time possible. Most domainer investors look at the long-term value of their domain name portfolios. They try to develop names that can generate traffic, while also looking to flip their more valuable names in the aftermarket.

It helps to have a few regular buyers in mind. When registering new domain names, try to focus on the business aspect of the domain industry. Who is going to need such a name? There are two popular business that I have found to be quite beneficial to me.

How do I find the best domain names? Essentially, I developed a system in knowing how to piece together the right names within a specific field. The process is like writing an essay on a specific topic. What two words go together to communicate the field. The easier are job-related domains. However, most of the .com job domains are already registered.

I did manage to register almost 6 months ago. I feel that there will be interest job domains. I’m hoping to move a .us job domain on a popular field. I registered various extensions on jobs, but haven’t considered spending $30 to acquire a .co.

I would rather invest into the .us. The .us is a great buy at $3.99, which many valuable names in the extension are unregistered. If i can negotiate a current deal, I can make the second .us in a matter of a week.

Some .co advocates determine the .co as a shorter and more valuable extension. The .us is also a shorter extension that makes some names look more appealing. I recently registered I’m sure there will some demand for the domain.

I tried a few times to move It seems to be a tough sale, considering that the .com practically owns every website in the city of San Francisco. Most businesses in that area are already receiving backing from the .com.

The .co is a nice extension, though, I have to admit that it’s too expensive for me to consider register more than the four .co domains I already purchased back in June. I would rather avoid taking any risks on the new extension. I’m sure that many domain investors will make a nice profit with the extension .

As for me, I’m looking to score more flips on the .com extension. Owners never challenge the credibility of the .com. The only activity involved in the process is trying to negotiate the right price. The .co appears to be popular in the domain communicate, whereas the general public is still new to recognizing the domain extension.

Should domain investors buy the .co extension? It’s up to the discretion of the domainer, whether they plan to develop the domain or flip the domain for a small profit. I’m sure there are so good names in the credit, loans, law, health care, insurance and many other fields.

I wouldn’t go out and buy a 100 .co domains, because if you expect to make a mega profit in the months to come, you’ll be disappointed with the outcome. The strategy to domaining is to buy all extensions that compliment the keywords. Always have a buyer or a company in the mind. For the most part, products and services have equal influence in business.

If you find a nice .co domain, don’t wait to register the name. Try not to invest too much into the extension, as anything can decrease the value of the .co extension. Maintain a budget on how much you want to spend on registering new domain names.

Will the .co extension become valuable? It is really up to the end-users? Only time will tell the tale of the .co.

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